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How To Play Parking Mania

CMG Staff / March 31, 2021
How To Play Parking Mania

Parking Mania is an addictive, exciting game on Coolmath Games. It's fast-paced and helps you practice control while maneuvering a sports car into a parking spot. Your reaction time will also be tested as you try to avoid crashing into obstacles on each level.

Keep reading to learn all about how to play Parking Mania and learn some tips and tricks of the game to make your way towards a perfect score!

How to Play Parking Mania

Drive the car in the parking lot using the arrow keys on the keyboard. You have 5 lives per level, so driving quickly and carefully is the goal while you attempt to park your car. If you crash, whether into an object or other vehicle, you lose one of your 5 lives. 

While you're trying to get to the next level, you also need to look for a gold coin to collect in addition to parking your vehicle. How quickly can you park your vehicle while dealing with moving traffic? Can you emerge as a parking champ while gaining 5 stars on each challenge? You'll have fun trying to find out!

Tips and Tricks

While learning how to play Parking Mania is easy, it takes some time to master it. Don't fret. With some practice and these tips and tricks, you'll become a pro. 

Try Each Driving Mode 

Get familiar with each driving mode. After trying each one, stick with the one you feel most comfortable using. Practice accelerating with some restraint so that you don't go too fast. 

Follow the Proper Paths 

While making it to the parking lot and parking the vehicle is the goal, you have to get there first. Pay attention to how you get there. Follow the yellow arrows to stay on the right path. 

Don’t Get Going Too Fast

This game is about parking, not racing. Keep your speed reasonable, especially in traffic or when confronting small parking spaces. 

Know Your Vehicle

Are you driving a big-rig? A sports car? Or something in between? Whatever the vehicle, learn how to control and maneuver it into a space. 

Play Now

Now that you know how to play parking mania, you can join in the fun. Hone your driving and parking skills in a fun way while giving yourself a mental workout. 

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