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How to Play Candy Jump: How Far Can You Go?

Jaren Fitzsimmons / March 30, 2021
How to Play Candy Jump: How Far Can You Go?

Candy Jump is a game that will test your reflexes and patience. The goal of the game is to go as long as you can. When you first start the game, you will have a special shape and color. Your job is to jump through the obstacles and move your way up by clicking your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard. 

However, there is one catch: you can only pass through the area on the obstacle that matches your color. 

Let's say your shape is blue, this means you can only pass through the blue sections of the obstacle. If you try to go through a different color you will have to restart. As you make your way through the obstacles you will run into a circle that switches your color. Make sure you are paying attention to your color or else you could make a mistake. 

how to play candy jump

Sound simple enough? Before you head over and start playing, let's go over a few tips that can help you learn how to play Candy Jump.

Find Your Rhythm

In Candy Jump, rhythm is everything. If you click too much you might end up bouncing into the wrong color. If you don’t click enough you will fall down and have to restart. 

Try to find the perfect balance between the two. Sometimes you are going to have to wait for your designated color to come around before you can jump through. In this situation you will need to float in between obstacles. This is where your rhythm becomes so important. If you can find the sweet spot you will be able to stay in the middle without hitting any obstacles. 

candy jump find your rhythm

Don’t Panic

There will be times in Candy Jump where you get really close to having to restart. One accidental click and you could find yourself at the very beginning. It is important to keep your cool to avoid any accidental mistakes.

Don’t get too antsy to move up and accidentally hit into an obstacle. One important not when learning how to play Candy Jump – it is just as much of a test on your patience as it is your reflexes, so be patient and play it cool.

Start Jumping!

Now, that we have gone over how to play Candy Jump, you should be ready to go for that high score. Head on over to the game page and try it out for yourself. Remember the tips that we talked about! You can always come back and read the article again for a quick refresher.