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The Best Virtual Pet Games

Coolmath Games Staff / October 28, 2021
The Best Virtual Pet Games

Sometimes you can't get a real pet, but you can have a virtual one. Whether you or a loved one is allergic, or you don’t have the time and resources to take care of one, there are a variety of pet games to choose from to satisfy your desire for a pet.

In this blog, we will discuss five of our favorite virtual pet games.

1. Hungry Dog

hungry dog pet games

This dog loves to eat. Help Bobby get a full meal without jumping off the ledge.

The goal of this game is to get your dog to eat all the bones and bugs. When you walk into a bone or bug your dog will automatically try to eat everything in the level. You will need to ensure he has a path to reach everything by pushing blocks into the right place.

2. Mooving In

mooving in pet games

These animals are looking for a place big enough to call home. Help piece the houses together and move them in.

Mooving In is a physics puzzle game where you build a house for an animal. You must arrange the blue pieces in the right places so that they can hold the roof to come down from above and so that the blocks do not intersect with the silhouette of the animal under the roof.

3. Cheese Route

cheese route pet games

It's mealtime! Give your best impression of an architect and draw a path to feed the hungry mouse.

The goal of this fun gravity puzzle game is to feed the round chunks of cheese to the mouse. To do so, you must draw platforms for the cheese to roll down. 

4. Where Are My Pets?

where are my pets pet games

Follow the clues to find your pets!

The goal of this puzzle game is to find all of your pets as they are hidden in the house. Find the true location of each object by using clues to identify which room each object belongs in. You can remove unnecessary items one by one until you're left with just your pets to find.

5. Dogs in Space

dogs in space pet games

Dogs in Space is a platformer puzzle game that features two dogs that are stranded in a space station on the moon. They have accomplished their mission on the moon base and are now ready to return home. However, the command center is unable to send a pilot for them. You must use teamwork to help them reach their rocket and return home.

Virtual pet games are extremely fun to play, especially if you want a pet but can’t have one. Try one out and see for yourself if you have what it takes to be a good virtual pet owner. You can also click here to check out our favorite animal games!