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Read the Best Online Typing Games of 2021

Jacob Smith / October 21, 2021
Read the Best Online Typing Games of 2021

As a skill, typing has fluctuated in terms of perceived usefulness over the past few decades. At one time, putting “Typing” as a skill on your resume was sure to catch an employer’s eye, but not so much anymore. Why is that? Is it because typing is no longer a desired skill among new employees? It is quite the opposite. Typing isn’t just desired in today’s workforce, it’s expected. One of the fastest growing professions is coding, and typing is essential for coders to do their job well. Furthermore, the rise of virtual meetings and correspondence has led to much more reliance on virtual forms of communication such as email. Hiring practices have become virtual as well as employers realized it is much more efficient to simply interview candidates online. Not to mention that schools, which are just now getting back to in-person classes, have discovered many ways to conduct virtual learning environments. As you can see, typing is a very important skill moving ahead in a world that has an increasing reliance on virtual communication.

So, what’s the issue? Learning to type can be boring and monotonous. One of the main reasons people cite they don’t learn to type is that it takes too much time and effort to learn. A great way to make learning to type much more engaging for people of any age is to combine learning to type with free online typing games. Games make everything better, so in this post we are going to go over some of the best free typing games for you all to enjoy!


Z-Type is an interactive typing game similar to Galaga in style and theme. In Z-Type, players must defend their spaceship from incoming attacks by correctly typing the words attached to each enemy ship and projectile. As you progress through the levels, the number of enemies and the difficulty and length of the words increase, really putting your typing skills to the test.

Z-Type is a great way to practice your typing skills in an engaging environment. The gamification of practicing your typing skills really allows you to get better without being too focused on the time you are spending doing it. Additionally, Z-Type really pushes players to type with both accuracy and speed as points are rewarded for getting multiple words typed correctly in a row.

Tauriel Teaches Typing

Tauriel Teaches Typing is a much different type of game than Z-Type. Instead of an arcade-like game that assumes you already know how to type, Tauriel Teaches Typing has a storyline where you are a dog entering school and being taught how to type. Your teacher runs you through different typing challenges as you attempt to get passing scores. However, the game has some exploration factors as well and allows for you to choose dialogue options when speaking to other characters within the game.

Tauriel Teaches Typing is a great game for beginners or players who want a bit more story embedded within their typing games. Additionally, Tauriel Teaches Typing is great for kids as the main character is a kid herself. Despite this, players of all ages can play and enjoy this game while simultaneously improving their typing skills.

In a Keybind

In a Keybind is a different take on the typing game genre but still very helpful. In a Keybind is a platform game where your movement keys can only be used for one level each. That means players must select new keys each round before attempting to complete it. In a Keybind is a great game for learning where the keys on a keyboard are and familiarizing yourself with the general keyboard layout. Additionally, In a Keybind is designed for players to learn problem solving as they work to complete each level while not running out of keys to use. While a different take on traditional typing games, In a Keybind is still very helpful for players just beginning to learn how to type.

Our Typing Games

Playing games is a great way to learn without too much focus on the time or effort it takes. At Coolmath Games, our entire site is structured around this fun and educational learning model. These games in particular are some of the best free typing games and are great ways to improve your typing skills and potentially even forget you are supposed to be learning. All of the above games are super fun for players of all ages and skillsets and even if you know how to type, you should give them a shot and test your abilities!


Jacob Smith