Typing Games

Become a wizard of typing with our collection of Typing Games. Go against the clock in Death by Spell Check, or fight off your enemies in Z-Type. No matter which game you choose, it will help your typing skills enormously. 

About Typing Games

Take on our collection of typing games that are meant to teach you how to become a master with the keys. We have all different kinds of typing games, from fighting off enemies by typing words, to going on a typing adventure, to typing words before time runs out. Typing doesn't have to be boring, it can actually be a fun and competitive experience. 

How can I practice typing?

Just playing through any of these typing games should improve your skills quickly. Practicing really can't do anything but help you, so get out there and start trying to beat every single one of these games! There's no reason that you can't both improve your skills and have a great time while doing it.

What is the best typing game?

It's really based on what kind of typing game that you are looking for. If players are looking for an adventure game where they must solve puzzles and figure out mysteries, Tauriel Teaches Typing is absolutely the game for you.

If you prefer games where you must fight off hoards of enemies, Z-Type is the title for you. In Z-Type, groups of letters are coming for your base. To fight them off, you must accurately type in the words and shoot them down.  

Finally, if you want a word game where you need accuracy and cat-like reactions, Death by Spell Check is your game. Players must unscramble the words presented to them before time runs out. Be quick and stay alive!

How can I learn to type without looking?

There are a lot of small tips to learn how to type without looking. For example, keeping your left and right index fingers on the small ridges of the 'F' and 'J' keys. This helps give you a point of reference on where your fingers are.

The most important tip though is just to practice, practice, practice. The more you play typing games, the more that you will feel comfortable around the keyboard. So get out there and start playing these fun and educational typing games now!