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Coolmath Games Submission

(If you just want to suggest a game you've played somewhere else, please go here.  This page is for game developers.)

How to Submit a Game to

If we like your game, we will happily purchase a non-exclusive license to host it on

Here are our game requirements:

  • The game must be HTML5 (we no longer consider new Flash games or games that require any other plugin).
  • The game must be a "thinking" game that requires some type of logic, strategy and/or problem solving.
  • The game must contain no violence or foul language.
  • The game must be free of advertising.  (This also means no ad for your own site or company.)  Of course, you can have a "credits" page which can contain your name or your company's name, but not as a URL, link, email address, Twitter username, etc.
  • The game must be free of any and all external links.
  • The game must not contain any sort of stats counter that will report back to you.
  • We will also ask you to disable any "high score" function that your game may have.

To submit a game, please contact us here:

(This is non-clickable to avoid spam.)

Please include a link to your game - or preferably a link to a version of your game that has all the levels unlocked so that we don't have to beat the whole thing to see it all!  Also, please note that we do not expect the version you show us to already be free of ads, logos, links, etc.  You just need to be willing to make these changes for us. Please do not send us the raw game files - send us a webpage where we can play your game.

You can view our privacy policy here.