Vex Games

Check out all of the Vex games we have here on Coolmath Games. These titles are packed to the brim with action, adventure, and 2D fun. Explore around and try out every single title.

Some of the most popular games as of late have been the titles from the Vex series. These platformer games all have the same objective – make it to the end of each level and reach the portal at the end. It’s not so simple though. You will have to weave through traps and chasms that are trying to stop you from making it to the end. The further that you get in each of these Vex games, the harder the levels will be. 

If you have ever played any of the Big Tower Tiny Square games, it is a lot like those titles. The Vex games are all about avoiding danger by using your skill and timing. The ragdoll physics makes them fun and unique games that have quickly become staples of Coolmath Games.

Which Vex game should I start with?

It’s probably best to start with the oldest Vex game on Coolmath Games, Vex 3. This has all of the classic Vex gameplay that you could ever want. Awesome parkour tricks, dangerous traps, and difficult puzzles can be found all throughout the game.

Vex 7 is very similar, although it has a few new gameplay mechanics that you might find interesting. This game introduces flying to players, which is definitely a fun and unique experience. Overall though, it will feel very familiar if you have already played Vex 3.

Vex: Challenges is slightly different from the Vex games. This one has a more classic platformer game style, with individual levels that come one right after another. If you are more in the mood for a game that has time limits, then Vex: Challenges might be the one you want to try out first.