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Fill in all the squares on the board by clicking a number in the grid on the left side of the screen and then on the Kakuro box you want to put that number in. If you make a mistake, you can use the X button in the grid the same way that you would use a number to clear out a box. 


The triangles on the grid indicate where the rows or columns begin and end. The box directly below or to the right of a numbered triangle is the start of each new line.


Fill in all the squares on the board following these rules:


  1. The numbers in vertical and horizontal row groups (not entire rows) cannot repeat.
  2. The numbers in each horizontal group must add up to the number that appears in the triangle at the far left of the group.
  3. The numbers in each vertical group must add up to the number that appears in the triangle at the top of the group.


Kakuro Tips & Tricks

Fill single squares. Fill in all the single group squares first! See if these lead to any double square groups you can get and so on. 


Use the equations. You can move your mouse over a triangle number to see all of the number combinations that add up to that number. Use the process of elimination to see which numbers from the equations are missing from your line then fill them in!


Trial and error. As you fill in the boxes, you may need to do some rearranging, especially with the longer number sequences. The squares will turn red when they’re placed in the incorrect square, so you’ll know when something is incorrect. 


What You Learn From Playing Kakuro

Kakuro helps players apply basic math skills to complete the puzzle. Players will also need to use the process of elimination to place numbers and make the correct sequence. 

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