Red Planet Farming


Plant seeds to grow crops that feed your population and earn you money! Each seed grants a specific amount of earnings and sustenance, as seen in its details area. They also have a cost to buy them in coins. Some seeds have special requirements: these upgrades must be present for the crop to flourish.


Each year you'll need to produce enough food to feed your population. This information is shown in the top right corner. You'll also want to earn enough money to buy new seeds and upgrades next year. As your farm grows, you'll unlock new seeds and building options, to keep up with the growing population of your colony. Can you build a thriving community and earn a promotion?



Right click on any seed, upgrade or building to get more information about it. Some plants are perennial, meaning they will keep providing new crops every year without being replanted. Pay attention to the weather forecast - some years won't have dust storms or cold snaps, and you can get away with planting seeds without buying all the upgrades!

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