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Alex Feigenbaum

Game Curator

Alex Feigenbaum

Favorite Coolmath Game: Amidst the Sky


Alex is a long-time indie game fan, always on the lookout for the next hit Coolmath game. He loves precise platformers, thinky puzzle games and games that make you laugh. He graduated from the NYU Game Center in 2016, and has been working at Coolmath ever since. In his free time he plays basketball, travels and makes puzzle games (like Sheep, Go Home)!

Games Reviewed By Alex Feigenbaum

Autoball Gameplay


April 9, 2024

Build the ultimate peg blasting board! Place pegs, cannons, and upgrades on the board for the ball to hit. Watch the ball drop and try to increase your score!

The Gate Gameplay

The Gate

April 2, 2024

Grab the key and warp to the door! Use your teleporting super power to avoid lasers and make your escape.

A Snail's Pace

March 29, 2024

Pick up the pace, this platformer moves FAST! Aim your jumps just right through this wacky and intense obstacle course.

Master of Numbers Gameplay

Master of Numbers

March 27, 2024

Zig and zag through a sea of numbers! Grab every number smaller than you and add them to your total. You'll be the biggest number around soon enough.

Below the Ocean Gameplay

Below the Ocean

March 19, 2024

Dive into an underwater world! Avoid spikes, pop into bubbles, and wall jump to find the gas tank checkpoints!

Ball Hit Gameplay

Ball Hit

March 15, 2024

Getting the ball into the net is more challenging than you think! Remove obstacles and bounce off platforms to get into the basket.

Battery Pusher Gameplay

Battery Pusher

March 15, 2024

Push the battery back into place and restore the charge! Use rotating tiles to line up the positive and negative sides.

Rope Bowling Gameplay

Rope Bowling

February 23, 2024

Cut the rope and bowl a strike! Line up the angle of each bowling ball, then send it flying into the pins. Can you knock them all down?

Wizard Laws Gameplay

Wizard Laws

February 15, 2024

Just this once, you can break the law! Pay attention to the ever-changing laws in each level and use the blocks to break free.

Atom Works Gameplay

Atom Works

February 5, 2024

Smash atoms into the portal! Let the fireworks fly across the board as you push on through the galaxy. Can you line up the perfect shot?