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Digging Games

Journey your way to the center of the Earth in Diggy, collect every resource in Grindcraft, or save your town in Ozark Rush. Explore this surprisingly diverse collection of digging games.

About Digging Games

Grab a shovel and start breaking some dirt with these digging games. There is a large variety of games on here, from trying to dig into the center of the Earth to trying to mine tons of valuable materials. Read on to learn some frequently asked questions about digging games that might be on your mind.

What are digging games?

A digging game involves any game where players are tunneling into the underground. This can be for a variety of reasons. Take Grindcraft for example, where players are digging out materials in order to craft structures to live in and armor to defend themselves with. While a lot of crafting takes place in this game, it all starts with digging out resources.

Some games have a more simple objective, such as Diggy. In this classic Coolmath game, players have to dig to the center of the Earth with a drill. Collect and sell ores along the way to upgrade the drill and get more power behind it. You will need a good strategy to beat this game quickly though – there are a lot of ways that you can waste time. Nobody said that digging to the center of the Earth would be easy, so try and use your resources wisely. 

Why are digging games so much fun to play?

Most digging games have extremely satisfying mechanics where players are making constant progress. Even if you didn’t have a great day of digging, you are still further along than when you started. This steady reward system makes it enjoyable to play at every stage of the game, whether it is in Mr. Mine, Reach the Core, or Ozark Rush.

If you don’t believe us, test it out for yourself. As you continue to make progress through one of these games, you will find yourself gaining more and more interest as time goes on.