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History Games

Learn about the past with our collection of history games. From flag trivia with Flag Maniac to historical throwbacks like Cities of Babylon, we've got some interesting selections to choose from.

About History Games

While our history games playlist is one of the smallest collections of games here at Coolmath Games, it also has some of the most fun and unique games on the site. Conquering villages and proving your knowledge of flags are just a few of the ways that you can delve into history with this fun and educational group of games.

We’ve put together a few of the most frequently asked questions for those of you who are a bit unclear on the specifics of history games. There is a lot to learn about this fairly niche category, so keep on reading for some clarification.

How can games teach history?

Games can be a great way to learn in a more unique and memorable way. When students actually want to interact with the content, it makes it much easier to learn the material. Most people don’t typically have much interest in learning flags. However, when you can earn points based on accuracy and speed in Flags Maniac, all of a sudden it becomes much more enjoyable and entertaining.

Video games actually have quite a few more benefits to them than you might think. To learn more about this, check out our Coolmath Games blog which asks the surprisingly complicated question – Are Video Games Good For You?

Are history games fun?

Absolutely! Just because these are history games does not mean that they are boring. Take for example the history game Cities of Babylon. While Babylonian history is certainly important, so is the ability to solve puzzles in this path-planning game. Players must build settlements along the river in an organized and strategic way in order to create the best city that they can.

What is the most popular history game?

Pre-Civilization: Bronze Age is far and away the most popular history game here at Coolmath Games. In this game, players must grow their civilization and manufacture a world wonder.

Be warned though – this game can be extremely tough for beginners to pick up quickly. We highly recommend that you do the tutorial before you continue with your civilization-building journey.

However, once you get past the learning curve, Pre-Civilization: Bronze Age is a really fun and rewarding experience. Give it a try and you will begin to understand why this is our most popular history game.