Fun Physics Games

This rock is ready to roll! Gain momentum and jump.
Roll the rock to its destination. Use momentum and gravity to pull off jumps and reach new heights.
Round and round you go...again!
Bring back the rock! Roll off ramps, over bridges and through tunnels to reach the magic circle.
Bullseye! Aim your grabber to reach the target.
How high is your critter IQ? See how few moves it takes you to get this little IQ Ball critter to his target!
Drive the jelly truck to the end of each level.
Drive your jelly truck through the jelly world and make it to the finish line. The driving can get crazy, so you'll need to be careful!
Use the magnetic tractor to load crates into the truck.
Use the magnetic tractor to move all the crates into the trucks. You'll have to figure out the order of how to get this task completed as fast as possible.
Shoot the perfect ricochet to break the blocking balls.
Get your rings in a row! Aim your chain at the blocking balls and knock out as many as you can. What's your high score?
Launch zombies through obstacles!
Launch zombies through obstacles in this very cool puzzler. Take aim at the happy faces and let those rag dolls fly!
Shoot hoops, but with a cannon.
Shoot basketballs out of a cannon into the hoop! But you'll need to clear your path first!
New levels, same crazy basketball action!
Ready. Aim. Fire! Turn levers, flip switches and warp through portals to score a basket in this crazy physics game!
Make it to the net in this ball-blasting sequel!
This sequel is loaded with better graphics, awesome physics, and even more wacky puzzles than the original. Take your best shot!
Keep shooting until you score!
Ready to fire up the cannon again? Flip switches and push buttons so you can shoot and score!
Help the blue critter catch his candy piece!
A great sequel to the popular IQ Ball game. Help the little blue critter catch his candy piece!
Collect the candy in this mechanical world.
Help the little blue critter collect his candy in this strange mechanical world. Grab gears, boxes, and other objects to pull the critter towards them.
Reach and grab the Christmas candy.
He's back, and he's hungry! Help the blue critter catch some Christmas candy in this winter wonderland.
Get all of the sand into the bucket.
One of our coolest games! Tip the maze back and forth to get all the sand into the bucket. Once you start, you won't be able to stop.
Shoot the skeletons to break all the chicken eggs.
Shoot the skeletons out of the cannon to break all the chicken eggs. Yeah, that sounds like a normal thing to do.
Help Doctor Acorn build a snowman!
Help Doctor Acorn build a snowman! Roll and fly to get all the snowballs safely to the exit. Try to collect the stars along the way.
Rotate the world and use your jetpack!
Up, up and away! Rotate the world, then fly through it with your jetpack. Dodge falling crates and dangerous electric cables.
Transform into a slippery block of ice!
You have the power to transform into a slippery block of ice! Use it to slide around the levels and reach the exit.
A great strategy game!
A great strategy game! Transform squares into circles and, then, back into squares again to knock all the red blocks off the screen.
Help the little monster wake up his big brother!
Delete blocks to help the mischievous little monster block wake up his bigger brother. Master each level by deleting as few blocks as possible!
Make the perfect shot and smash the targets!
Ding-ding-ding! Can you hit the perfect shot? Launch your ball off the bouncers and knock out all the red targets!
Help the cyclops get back to their platforms.
Your goal is to get all the cyclops onto the platforms that match their color. Don't let any fall off or get onto someone else's platform!
Bump into humans to turn them into vampires.
Humans are boring, but vampires know how to party! Transform the humans so they can get in on the fun.
Help Alarmy wake up his monster friend.
Alarmy has crash landed on a strange world full of sleeping monsters. Help him wake them up!
Don't lose your marbles!
Don't lose your marbles! Tumble through the tube and knock the other marbles into the marble bagging machine.
Have you been practicing your bank shot?
Have you been practicing your bank shot? Bounce off the crazy obstacles and get in the basket.
Knock off all of the red monsters!
Help the blue and green monsters knock off the red monster blocks. Each monster has a special ability.
Get the hamburgers to the hungry shapes.
Dish out the tasty hamburgers to the hungry shapes! Feed them all and don't let them fall.
Use magnetic force to reach the goal!
Master the power of magnetic force! Pull yourself onto bounce pads and dodge the red spikes to reach the goal safely.
Remove obstacles to release the balloons so they can float away. Avoid getting popped!
Remove obstacles to release the balloons so they can float away. Be sure to avoid getting popped!
Help the Icesters reach land safely.
Help the Icesters reach land safely! Watch out for exploding red blocks and face-swapping purples.
Feed the vampires a healthy dose of garlic bulbs!
Trick or treat? Toss the vampires a healthy dose of garlic bulbs and send them tumbling off the ledge.
Help the foxes reach their den safely!
Are you crazy like a fox? Use gravity to remove blocks and help the foxes reach their den safely.
Help the chipmunk family prepare for hibernation!
These chipmunks need to eat! Chew through blocks of wood to make crazy collisions and help the chipmunks find food for the winter.
Help Fox reunite with his buddy Roll.
Help Fox reunite with his ball buddy, Roll. Clear all of the obstacles in their path.
More fun with Fox and his ball buddy Roll.
Fox and his ball buddy Roll are back. Remove blocks and help them reunite!
Slide down the mountain!
Get ready for a slip-sliding adventure! Turn into ice to jump, swing and fly down the mountain.
Grab your jetpack and get ready to rotate!
Grab your jetpack and take to the skies! Rotate the world to get the crates out of your way, then hit the boost and dash for the exit!
Collect parts for your ship and enter the teleporter.
This alien is stranded on a strange world! Help him collect parts and fix his ship to escape from the evil robots that live there.
Slice the rope to get a tasty meal!
Concentration, timing and precision. These are the keys to being a master monster feeder. Time your slices to get a tasty sushi dinner!
He's sleeping on the job!
He sees you when you're sleeping, but now he's the one sleeping on the job. Wake him up in time for his midnight ride.
Monkey swing, monkey do!
Swing through the jungle from tree to tree! Beat levels to unlock new monkey skins.