Wacky, Weird and Wild

When you're made out of slime, you don't have to worry about getting sticky. Jump through the ooze and get to the exit door!

Become a planet! Explore the galaxy, harvest resources, and make friends with a robot. Adventure awaits!

This is not your average typing game. Solve tests, dodge bullets, explore the school and pet your dog!

You've seen Yellow, Red, Black and Blue, but today is all about Green! Find the secret mechanism and paint the screen green.

How do you outrun time? Easy, just stop it completely! Freeze time to solve puzzles and escape the static.

You're free from your egg shell! Sneak past the chefs and escape before they turn you into a chicken nugget.

What do you get when you combine a rhino and a turtle? Horns, a shell and a seriously unstoppable creature!

See a berry that's out of reach? No problem, you can rearrange the world and grab a snack!

A very cool geometry escape game! Your goal is to help the blue octagon escape into the white area. To do this, you can make objects larger and smaller.

Test your split-second reaction time in this golf and pong mash up. Angle perfect shots to knock out all the targets without losing control!

You've been warped into your own video game. Move to the beat, squash bugs in your code, and get back to reality!

Time is of the essence! Gather resources, build up your city, and stop the darkness before it covers everything.

Hidden passages, booby traps, encrypted messages and more. There are new secrets to discover in every room.

Blast away the orcs and elves! Knock them out to get more balls and power up your damage multiplier.

You're a goo-ball, flinging your way through space. Dodge aliens, defeat space monsters, and save the universe. But watch out for the sun!

In this strange and unusual world, you cannot jump. Fortunately, you CAN summon mountains beneath your feet. And get filthy stinkin' rich.

Lights out! Can you find your way in the dark? Finish each level twice.

You have a friend over there, and they need a hug! Grab your grappling hook and fling yourself to their side.

First there was Yellow. Then there was Red. Now it's time for Black. Can you solve the puzzle in every level?

Prove that you deserve the magic bow! Master its teleportation powers to make impossible jumps. Then use your archery skills to take down the boss!

It's up to you to stop the criminal! Interview victims and gather clues. Can you track down the thief before they run away?

You control the rotation of the world. Use your powers to discover the secrets of the mysterious laboratory!

Abra Kadabra! Dodge the evil magician's spells. Then hit him with some tricks of your own and send him packing!

Ever try to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time? That's what this game is all about. Move left and right and up and down all at once!

There's no time to waste! Grab the key. Open the door. Touch the checkpoint! Do it all in three seconds or less.

Welcome to the intergalactic market! We've got all sorts of exotic space goods for sale. Can you build a thriving outer space economy?

Only one egg can stop the shadow monsters. Use your special egg-legs to free your friends and save the egg world!

I understand the snakes and cats, but... why are there swinging chainsaws in the forest!? No time to figure it out, survive as long as you can!

Ready to stretch your fingers? Climb up the steps of the tower. Use all your keys to reach the top.

You're a Special Intergalactic Painter. Paint the entire space platform, but avoid the defense systems!

This isn't just your typical game of snake! Use your body to block the ball and grab power ups. Try all four modes and set a global high score!

Find the secret mechanism to paint the screen red! Every level is a new puzzle. Look closely to crack its code.

Think you can detect an optical illusion? Train your eyes to follow the clues in these physically impossible rooms.

Ah yes, a fine day for a daring expedetion. I say, there are some unusual monsters here. And what other excitement awaits in this mysterious land? 

Jump, dash, shoot and rappel from the ceiling! Do it all just by pressing one button.

You're shipwrecked on a deserted island! Craft tools to harvest stone and gold. Do you dare to challenge the monster that haunts the island?

Grab the bunnies and bring them to safety! Dodge vultures, jump chasms, but don't leave any behind!

Take charge of the situation! Use electromagnetic powers to launch yourself up and over dangerous obstacles.

Guide the lasers with all sorts of crazy devices. Brighten the night sky with the colorful beams. See if you can illuminate all the targets!

The caves are full of treasure, but your oxygen supply is low! Get as rich as you can before you run out of air.

Jump over cacti, dodge banana-throwing monkeys and don't crash into any cars! Finding the truth is dangerous. Can you handle it?

Get your rings in a row! Aim your chain at the blocking balls and knock out as many as you can. What's your high score?

Explore the mysterious dungeon. Solve puzzles, disarm traps and gain awesome new powers. Can you find the treasure waiting at the end?

3...2...1...Blast off! Earn enough cash to build a rocket and fly into outer space.

Use your jetpack to fly around the dangerous space station. Find all three keycards and destroy the core reactor!

Do all-new tricks to gain stars and visit the restaurant at the end of the universe. Ready, set, flip!

This game is full of impossible geometry and optical illusions. Look closely to find the connecting paths.

Are you afraid of ghosts? Face your fears and use your vacuum to bust them up. Explore the spooky mansion and find your lost puppy!

Avoid the dragon's fiery gaze at all costs! Sneak past it to reclaim your treasure. Can you escape without bursting into flames?

You'll need to look before you leap to help Naya find the edge of the world. These crazy 3-D tile formations will make you question your own senses!

Hole in one! Line up your shots to get a low score. Bring your best golf swing to this crazy neon course.

How do you find an invisible wall? Throw paint at it! Run, jump and splat your way to the finish before you run out of paint.

Jump between planets and dodge dangerous space debris! Reach the space mailbox to deliver the lost letter.

Every good doctor needs a headlamp. But yours is lost in the forest! Find it so that you can get back to work.

Agent Green is on the case! Explore a mysterious cave and discover the greatest tomato recipe in the world!

There is something wrong with your magic wand! You can only cast spells when you fall to the ground. Time your falls to blast enemies with magic!

How do you make a dog into a hot dog? That's just one question you need to answer in this crazy game!

Your objective is simple: turn the screen yellow. But each level is a mysterious new puzzle! Can you figure it all out?

Activate the power bounce! Can you find a way over the spikes and past the guards to jump into Basket?

Smash all of the gummy bears with your mighty luchador skills! Rack up huge combos to buy upgrades and escape Candy Land!

Do you know what time it is? Grab your thinking cap and get ready for more zany puzzles. Solve each puzzle in order to reveal the hidden play button.

You've got two minutes to perform as many awesome stunts as you can. Jump out of the water, do flips and make the perfect landing! Can you make it to Mars?

Enter a mysterious vault where if you leave the room, you appear on the other side! Solve mind-bending puzzles and play with gravity if you want to escape alive.

This is not a game. It is not fun. Please do not click it.

More crazy puzzles! Put on your thinking cap and try to find the play button in each level.

Back into the pipes! Use the colored blobs to change the level and reach the next pipe.

Think outside the box to find the hidden play button in each crazy puzzle! Put on your thinking cap and get clicking!

The colored pipe monsters are back! Collect the colored blobs (or avoid them!) to walk through walls and reach the pipe.

This is a weird one! The PLAY button is hidden somewhere in each level. But you've got to figure out what to do in each wacky puzzle, if you want to find it.

Enter this wacky Purbald world where little purple critters listen to your every command. Collect the stars and get them to safety!

This colored monster needs to make it to the pipe. Change your monster's color to make make platforms, walls, and obstacles disappear!

You're on a crazy game show where you need to think outside the box! Solve the puzzle and get to the exit!

This is one strange miniature golf game! Aim your shot perfectly to get the ball into all 18 holes.

Help GraviCat move around the boxes to reach his chicken dinner. He's one crazy cat! Time his jumps from box to box.

Help this sock guy get his hat back! He can unattach his limbs to push levers and hold doors open. But he needs them to climb walls and make jumps too!

Grab your nine iron and head back to space for some crazy galactic golf. Use planetary gravity wells to get a hole in one.

Break all of the eggs by shooting skeletons out of the cannon. Don't let any eggs fall off the screen!

Help all of the blocks grow beards! Arrange the blocks so that all of the blocks get touched by the bearded blocks.

Want to play a round of golf, in outer space? Knock your golf ball through the arch with as few strokes as possible.

Help Doctor Acorn save the birds! Use your mouse to pull levers, flip switches, collect medicine, and get through each level safely.

Help the monsters take over the town! Activate pipes to spread the monsters onto every single open tile in order to win.

Help solve the puzzle in each night's dream. You'll need to think outside the box in order to solve all of them!

Drive your jelly truck through the jelly world and make it to the finish line. The driving can get crazy, so you'll need to be careful!

I LOVE this game. Thought it stunk until I figured out what to do. The boxes all make the ball bounce a certain way. Arrange the boxes to make the ball escape.

This one will really mess with your head. You'll need to go back in time to create copies of yourself to perform tasks on each level.

You are the guardian rock. Use your puzzling skills to defend the temple from the intruding archaeologists.

Super addicting! All you have to do it click on the cactus so he's the same shape as the hole he's about to skate through. How far can you get??

The pigs have invaded Doctor Acorn's treehouse! Cut ropes, launch catapults, disarm traps and make your way to the top of the tree.

Use boxmen to get to the floating cube on each level. Use the shift key to create more boxmen. How many boxmen will you need?

Like aliens? Hop in a spaceship and help them bring animals back to their planet!

One of the most awesomest games ever. You're going to have to move fast and buy lots of upgrades to win this one! Do your math and spend wisely.

This game will mess with your head a bit! You can do one thing with Beavus and that's click to make him jump. Once you start playing, it's hard to stop!

Use wacky kukoo tools to fill your customers' orders before they get tired of waiting in line!

An experiment went wrong and now you have to figure out how to feed the monster hamsters before time runs out.

This would be an easy running and jumping game, but someone "Fractured" your screen!

A puzzling sequel to the original Fractured game! Help Molly find her way through each shattered level and reach the portal.

Help Gombo recover his lost heart. Seems simple, until you learn to put Gombo to sleep and control a Gombite. Then it gets crazy!

Have you been here before? Lose your head again and again escaping this dungeon. Or will you be trapped in the cycle forever?

Are you as good at trivia as you are at platforming? Make sure you don't forget the question while you dodge the dangerous spikes and chanisaws.

If you've played Red, Yellow or Black, you know how this works. Every level is a new puzzle. Can you turn them all blue?

Build, bend and break your way through the human body! Make anything you can imagine with your trusty cube launcher.

Save this hapless eel by riding it out of a flooded cave. Think you can do it?

Ready for a wild island adventure? Solve ancient puzzles, claim loot, smash bad guys and defeat the final boss!