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Stickman Games

This collection of stickman games varies from parkouring around levels to stealing from art museums. Make sure to test out all of the games and see which ones speak to you.

About Stickman Games

Over the years at Coolmath, we have acquired a vast array of Stickman games for players to try out. While the genres vary greatly, they all have fun and kind of silly stickman mechanics. Flop and topple around the map until you make it to the end and achieve victory.

Stickman games are some of the most fun and silly games on Coolmath Games. If you are looking for something serious and intense, this might not be the collection of games for you. However, if you are looking for action-packed games that don't take themselves too seriously, then these titles will definitely appeal to your gaming preferences.

What are Stickman games?

Stickman games involve any game where players are controlling a stick figure that is moving around the map. This can include a vast array of genres. For example, in the game Vex 7, players are trying to run, jump, and fly their way around the map to reach the end. The stickman part of this game makes it fun because players are able to have a fun and playful experience with a character that has interesting physics.

However, stickman games are not just glorified platformer games. There is a ton of variety on this collection page. For example, in the game Cat Burglar and The Magic Museum, players are controlling a sneaky stickman who is stealing paintings from a mysterious museum. Use timing, anticipation, and skill in order to become the best cat burglar that you can be. 

What is the best Stickman game?

That’s a hard question to answer. It really comes down to what kind of genre you enjoy the most. For example, if you love difficult games that are largely skill-based, then oVo is probably the best route for you to take. This game is the most popular on the list due to its fast-paced gameplay and difficult levels. The controls may be easy to learn, but making it past every single level is far from easy.

If you want a classic game that tests your mind a little bit more, then check out Hangman. This puzzle game requires players to guess letters in a hidden word. Make sure to pay attention to the theme of the words that way you can make more informed guesses.