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Noughts and Crosses Tactics Blog Thumbnail

Best Noughts and Crosses Tactics

June 3, 2022
Come read about the best Noughts and Crosses tactics to defeat your friends with. If you follow our guide, the worst outcome you’ll get is a tie.
Best Games to Practice Geography Blog Thumbnail

Best Games to Practice Geography

May 26, 2022
Struggling to learn geography? Come and learn how to brush up on your skills in a fun and fast-paced way in our Coolmath Games blog.
Nostalgic Games Blog Thumbnail

Games That Evoke Nostalgia

May 25, 2022
Do you ever catch yourself reminiscing about classic game titles? Here are 6 of the most nostalgic games for players to remember and enjoy again.
Benefits of Games as Learning Tools Blog

The Benefits of Video Games as Learning Tools

May 13, 2022
Learn the benefits of video games and how they can be used in an educational setting. Games can be a great way to improve skills in a fun and creative way.