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Papa’s Games – 5 Revived Titles

Griffin Bateson / August 21, 2023
Papa’s Games – 5 Revived Titles

The Papa’s Games have been a staple of Coolmath Games for years now. From making pizza in the classic Papa’s Pizzeria, to serving up tasty shakes in Papa’s Freezeria, odds are that you have played at least one game from this series.

New Papa’s Games

Recently, we published 5 new Papa’s Games that haven’t been available since the end of Adobe Flash. At first, we started out by restoring the more popular games like Freezeria and Pizzeria. However, we have been able to focus on restoring the more niche Papa’s Games.

Read on to learn about the 5 newest Papa’s Games and all of the attributes that make them unique. After reading, make sure to check out these new titles and see which one is your favorite.

Papa’s Wingeria

New Papas Games Papas Wingeria

Fry the wings, toss them in a special sauce, and serve them up with some veggies in this fun and interactive game. The key to Papa’s Wingeria is timing. Tossing the wings in a sauce may seem like a simple step, however it actually requires great dexterity in order to complete properly. This is a good one to start out playing first, as the level of skill required isn't too high.

Papa’s Scooperia

In Papa’s Scooperia, players must bake cookies and scoop ice cream in order to make the perfect ice cream sandwich. Do the ice cream sandwiches look delicious? Yes. Are they easy to make? Absolutely not.

There are a few different attributes that you have to get absolutely correct. For one, portion out the perfect scoop of cookie dough to bake. Getting these proportions right is critical to having a great ice cream sandwich. After baking the cookie to gooey perfection, it is time to head to the ice cream station.

The ice cream scooping mechanic is what really makes Papa’s Scooperia unique. Players will have to go in a circle while using perfect timing in order to get a nice scoop for the customer. This may sound easy to you, but it definitely is not. Go and check out Papa’s Scooperia and give it a try!

Papa’s Sushiria

New Papas Games Papas Sushiria

This is one of the most unique Papa’s Games that there is. In Papa’s Sushiria, it is up to you to prep the rice, add the fillings, roll the sushi, and cut them into perfect bite-sized pieces. This is a lot to do for just one customer, so players will have to work efficiently and make very few mistakes.

Probably the most interesting part of Papa’s Sushiria is that players use a knife to cut the sushi rolls into pieces. How often do you get to use chopping in a Papa’s game? The answer is almost never, so this is a game attribute that makes the experience feel very unique.

Papa’s Hot Doggeria

What could be a more classic combo than hot dogs and baseball? In Papa’s Hot Doggeria, players are working a hot dog stand at a baseball stadium. It is up to you to grill these hot dogs to charred goodness in Papa's Hot Doggeria. After grilling, put on the correct toppings and sauces to get a big tip.

It is key that you take this tip money and invest it back into the hot dog stand. For instance, players can buy a doorbell that will let them know when a new customer has come into the store. This saves time because you won’t have to constantly check the front of the store to see how busy it is getting.

Papa’s Donuteria

New Papas Games Papas Donuteria

Of all of the new Papa’s Games on this list, Papa’s Donuteria is probably the hardest. This is for two reasons: the speed at which donuts cook and the quantity of donuts that you have to make.

Players must cook the donuts in hot vats of oil. This means that the donuts cook quickly, which you might think is a good thing. However, donuts are extremely prone to burning. Keep an eye on them at all times to make sure that you flip them when they begin to turn golden brown.

Once you take the donuts out of the fryer, it is far from over. Not only do players have to make 3 donuts at a time for customers, which takes a lot of time, but they also have to deal with all of the toppings and fillings that come with the donuts. These challenges make it extremely hard to execute orders properly. We recommend that you start with one of the easier new Papa’s Games, such as Papa’s Wingeria, before trying out Papa’s Donuteria.

If you are curious about some of the previous Papa's Games that have been released, check out our Papa's Games breakdown blog. It includes descriptions of some of the most popular Papa's Games.

So now that you have learned about all of the new Papa’s Games that have been re-released, go and give them a try! These titles all have their own unique trials and tribulations that make them interesting.