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Clicker Heroes Tips & Tricks

Griffin Bateson / September 22, 2023
Clicker Heroes Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for an extremely fast-paced idle game, then Clicker Heroes is perfect for you. After being unplayable for a few years, this flash game is back and better than ever. The Clicker Heroes strategy guide will help players navigate the muddy waters of this game. Before we get into that though, let’s review some basic concepts about how to play Clicker Heroes.

The Basics

Clicker Heroes starts with the most basic of actions – clicking on an enemy. Every time you click, the enemy takes a little bit of damage. Destroy enemies and they will drop coins for you to pick up.

Save up enough coins and players can unlock heroes that will help them take down monsters. These heroes have various abilities, but the goal is the same – to take down the enemies as quickly as possible.

After players have taken down 10 enemies in a level, they can move up to a harder level. These new stages will have monsters that are harder to take down, but also have a higher bounty. Every 5 levels there will be a boss monster that you must take down within 30 seconds. If you are unable to, the timer will reset and the boss will go back to full health.

Clicker Heroes Strategy

Learning how to play Clicker Heroes is easy, but the game really comes down to your strategy. Continue reading to learn some key Clicker Heroes strategies and become an expert in this fun idle game.

Upgrading is key

As you continue to play through Clicker Heroes and earn coins, you will be given the option to upgrade the characters, or even unlock new ones. This is extremely important. While it may be tempting to save up as many coins as you can, it is actually much more efficient to purchase upgrades early and often. These characters will start taking damage away from enemies automatically, to the point where you don’t even need to click if you don’t feel like it.

Move on to harder zones

Clicker Heroes Strategy Blog Gameplay

Once players fight enough monsters, they will be able to move up to another stage. It is important that you make sure to progress through each stage quickly. While the monsters get stronger through these progressions, they will also drop more coins once they are defeated. Every fifth level you will face an especially difficult monster, who must be taken down within 30 seconds. If you are unable to do so, try upgrading your heroes and see if that helps.

Ascend your character

After making it far enough in Clicker Heroes, players will have the option to ascend their character. This means that they will gain quite a few resources, but lose a lot of progress. To be exact, players will lose their gold, damage, heroes, and zone progress. However, they will keep their hero souls, rubies, ancients, relics, mercenaries, and achievements.

The most important thing that players will gain are hero souls. Hero souls provide players with additional damage, as well as help players summon and upgrade powerful beings called Ancients.

Taking breaks doesn’t hurt you

One of the best parts of Clicker Heroes is that players can step away from the game and the heroes will still fight for them. This means that when players step away from the screen, they will be greeted with a ton of coins that they can use to upgrade their heroes when they get back.

Manage your abilities

Heroes have abilities that they will unlock as they continue to level up. One key Clicker Heroes strategy is making sure to take advantage of these upgrades. Be on the lookout for these abilities as you continue to level up your heroes. They will just continue to aid you in your monster-fighting capabilities.

So now that you know some of the top Clicker Heroes strategies, make sure to go and test out these tips and tricks. You might be shocked by how fast you progress in this fun and dynamic clicker game.

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