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Flash Game Revival – Sugar, Sugar is back!

Griffin Bateson / September 18, 2023
Flash Game Revival – Sugar, Sugar is back!

Sugar, Sugar is back on Coolmath Games! After being gone for a couple of years, this game has been updated and is ready to be played again.

For those of you who have never played Sugar, Sugar, or who just need a refresher, let’s go over the basics of this classic path-planning game. After that, we’ll go over some common tactics to help players do their best when playing this fun and interesting game.

Sugar, Sugar Basics

Sugar, Sugar is a pretty straightforward game. The end goal is to get a certain amount of sugar granules into each cup. Usually, it will be 100 sugar granules, but it varies from level to level. The sugar will drop down from the ceiling. It is your job to draw lines to the different cups in order to corral the sugar into the proper areas.

Sugar, Sugar Tips

Now that we’ve gone over the basic objectives of Sugar, Sugar, let’s talk about the tactics to help players succeed in this game. It may seem extremely straightforward and simple, but there is actually quite a bit of strategy involved. This is especially true in the later levels when there are a lot of variables that can make the game harder. Sugar, Sugar should be extremely manageable if you rely on these tactics below.

Stay Smooth

One of the best tips that we can give players who are starting to play this game is to keep their lines smooth. When you are drawing, try and use as few strokes as possible. Every bump will just impede the stream of sugar a little bit more. Keeping your lines smooth will save tons of time and just make the game a lot more enjoyable.

Take Your Time

There is a never-ending downpour of sugar on most levels. This means that you can take as much time as you want to complete the level. Take advantage of this perk. Sugar, Sugar gets progressively more difficult as you continue to play the game, so taking your time will only get more important as the game goes on. Figure out which cup you are going to try and fill first. Having a game plan is a major part of Sugar, Sugar, so put on your thinking cap and take a minute or two to figure out how you’ll execute the mission.

Use the Reset Button

Sometimes players will have a plan and it will just go plain wrong. At a certain point, it is better to just totally reset the level rather than salvage it. There is no shame in resetting. There is absolutely no penalty for doing so. Resetting is actually a very useful strategy and should be used whenever necessary.

Plan for Multiple Cups

There will usually be more than one cup that players must fill up when playing Sugar, Sugar. In this case, planning out how to get sugar in each of these cups is important. Making sure that there is always room to make another rail that will transport sugar to a different cup is extremely important. This will be easy to do at first, but players might need to get more creative during the later levels.

Pay Attention to the Color

Sugar Sugar Tactics Blog

Sometimes filling up a cup isn’t as simple as just getting the sugar poured into it. For example, there may be one cup that requires white sugar, while another cup requires orange sugar. Before players do anything, they should figure out how they are going to fill the different kinds of cups. As we said before, thinking ahead is a critical tactic of Sugar, Sugar!

So now that you know a few more Sugar, Sugar tactics, go play the game and see how you fare. See if you can defeat all 30 levels of this sweet puzzle game. If you end up getting through the entire game, make sure to check out the sequels. Sugar, Sugar 2 and Sugar, Sugar 3 are both great games that hold the original's core elements.