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Curve Ball 3D: A Beginner’s Guide

Griffin Bateson / April 18, 2022
Curve Ball 3D: A Beginner’s Guide

Curve Ball 3D is a new arcade game full of strategy, action, and reaction-based gameplay that is sure to keep players on their toes. It can be tough to make it past the first few stages though, so we've compiled some tips to get you started!

How do you play Curve Ball 3D?

In Curve Ball 3D, players must try and hit the ball past their opponents while making sure to prevent the ball from getting past their own goal. In this new arcade game, players are only allowed to let 5 goals in before it is game over. Here's the catch - you have to beat 10 opponents before you win. Each opponent gets progressively more difficult, so beating this game is no easy feat. 

To beat an opponent, you have to score 3 goals on them. The only way to win the game is to score 3 goals on every single opponent. However, the amount of goals you conceded to your opponents doesn’t reset after each opponent, meaning you have to score 30 goals before your opponents can score 5 in total against you.

Curve Ball 3D Tips & Tricks

Considering how many goals you have to score with only 5 mistakes allowed, the margin for error is very small. Not to worry though, we've got some advice for you to help you get started.

Think Ahead

Oftentimes, players will place their paddle where the ball is and follow it around the map as it bounces from wall to wall. When the game starts to speed up though, you won’t be able to move your paddle fast enough for this strategy to work. 

Instead, you must predict where the ball will deflect using your understanding of curves and angles. We recommend that you start practicing this on the earlier levels to get a good understanding of where the ball will go. With enough practice, you’ll be able to predict where the ball is going with almost perfect accuracy, and the game will start to become much more doable. 

Use Spin

If players begin to move their paddle right before hitting the ball, it will produce spin that curves the ball. This method has two advantages to it.

The first advantage - it throws off your opponents. Spin will change how the ball deflects off of walls, making it significantly more challenging for the opposition to return the ball. 

The second advantage - players are awarded points for using spin. If you get a little bit of spin, you are awarded a Curve Bonus. If you get a lot of spin, you earn the Super Curve Bonus and get compensated with even more points. While the first advantage is definitely more important, earning a few more points definitely doesn’t hurt, and over time it will actually add up to a few thousand extra points by the end.

Aim For Corners

The hardest place for your opponents to return shots is in the corners of the goal. This is because the corners are as far as possible from the middle of the goal, which the opponent is usually the most likely to try and cover. 

While the later levels go so fast that aiming is difficult, try and aim for corners if you have the opportunity to. This will especially work well in the earlier levels, where the opposition will have difficulty covering the entire goal.

Is it hard to beat Curve Ball 3D level 10?

Considering that the levels progressively get harder, we consider it extremely difficult to beat Curve Ball 3D level 10. The ball continues to get faster and faster as the levels progress. This means that by the time you reach level 10, the ball will be flying so fast that you can barely see it. Players will need a combination of experience and lightning-fast reactions if they want to beat level 10 of this new arcade game.

Why is Curve Ball 3D considered a New Arcade Game?

Not only is Curve Ball 3D one of our newest games here at Coolmath Games, but it is basically a 3-dimensional version of some of the classic arcade games, such as Pong and Retro Ping Pong. It also has simple graphics and easy controls, a common mark of an arcade game.

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Well, what are you waiting for? Go and see if you can take down all 10 opponents and become champion of our new arcade game, Curve Ball 3D!