Retro Ping Pong



Use the arrow keys to move your paddle. In two player mode, the player on the left can move their paddle with W and S. Score 7 points to win the game!


Try action mode for all-new twists on the classic game. Each round has a special rule that will change how the game is played! Most of these are pretty self explanatory, but some of the special modes introduce alternate ways to win.




Know the different action mode games - Classic mode is great, but if you play Retro Ping Pong for long enough you’ll eventually want to give Action Mode a shot. Action mode adds custom rules into each round. Knowing the different games beforehand will make you better prepared to play in action mode.


The action mode games include:


  • Secret Wall - A section of the dividing line becomes an invisible wall. This wall prevents the ball from going into the other player’s court. Instead, the ball will just bounce back to the player who just hit it. If you want to score, you'll have to get the ball around it.
  • Fireball - There's a ring of fire in the center of the field. Every time the ball enters the ring, the ball gets hotter and hotter and moves faster and faster.
  • Multiball - There’s more than one ball on the field. Make sure you don’t let either of them get past your paddle. If one does, the other ball will keep bouncing around the field, and a new ball will spawn in center court. The balls can hit and bounce off each other as well. You have to score twice to win the round.
  • Big Ball Little Paddles - The ball is bigger, but the paddles are smaller.
  • Fog Zone - There’s a thick layer of fog going down the middle of the court. Whenever the ball enters the fog you won’t be able to see it move or hear it bounce off the wall. Trace the ball's path through the fog so that you can be in the right spot when it reappears on the other side!
  • Gravity Well - There are voids on the court that mess with the gravitational field. Who knows which way a ball will go if it enters one of these fields?
  • Bumper Ball - Five bumpers are placed in the middle of the court. If the ball hits one of them it will bounce off and go in a different direction. Stay sharp and try to anticipate which direction the ball will go after hitting a bumper!
  • Don’t Hit The Kitty - There’s a cat on the court! If the ball gets past you or you hit the kitty twice you’ll lose the round.
  • Blaster - You and your opponent both have blasters! Press Spacebar to fire your blaster at your opponent. Hit your opponent twice or get the ball past their paddle to score.

Get a feel for the direction of the ball - As you play, you’ll pick up different patterns. For example, balls that head down one side of the court will end up bouncing upwards when they’re served back to the other side. Start looking for patterns like these. They’ll help you preemptively place your paddle where it needs to be instead of racing the clock to get it there at all.


Find a friend - Two people can play Retro Ping Pong together on the same computer. The player on the left moves their paddle using the W and S buttons while the player on the right uses the Up and Down buttons.



Use your finger to control the paddle. Score 7 points to win the game!

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Use your finger to control the paddle. Score 7 points to win the game!

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