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Games That Will Make You Better at Math

Micah Owens / August 17, 2021
Games That Will Make You Better at Math

Can playing video games help you learn challenging topics while having fun at the same time? According to a study, students who play online games almost every day score 15 points above the average in math. Learning math and critical thinking don’t have to be boring. To show it, we’ve outlined a few types of addicting games that can help train your brain for specific kinds of learning.

Strategy Games

Students achieve better in school when they are engaged and participating, and strategy games can be a great way to train your brain in critical reasoning while having a blast. These games are so fun that it may seem like you're playing a normal video game, but you'll learn math and logic skills as well!

Mini Metro London

Learn the science behind one the world’s largest transit systems and build the biggest metro network you can before it all implodes!


In this classic strategy game, play free online Checkers vs. the computer, against a friend, or find an opponent in online matchmaking.

Numbers Games

Number games are minigames that deal with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and probability. These games will help improve your mental maths skills and sharpen your brain to solve equations in a flash. There are dozens of fun number games to choose from on the Number Games page.

Coffee Shop 

You're the new owner of Cafe Calypso! In this virtual business simulation game, you get to run your virtual coffee shop. Each day starts in Prep Mode, where you use your funds to purchase supplies, create new recipes, and set your prices. Once you've looked over your inventory, you'll be ready to start the day and start making money!

Deck Adventures 

Feeling brave and adventurous? Start your journey in Deck Adventures, where you battle your enemies with cards. Drag your numbered cards onto your enemies to inflict damage, and drag the cards on yourself to shield you from attacks. Use simple addition and subtraction to defeat enemies in your path. There are two games: Deck Adventures Chapter 1 and Deck Adventures Chapter 2.

Number Tumbler 

Race the clock to see just how many problems you can solve in this intense mental math game. The goal of Number Tumbler is to make the blocks tumble down and clear all the numbers off the board. Click and drag to select the blocks that add up to the target number in this exciting race against time.

Penalty Kick 

Test your soccer and math skills in this epic penalty shootout game. When it's your turn to kick, click and swipe the ball to try and score in the soccer goal. If you score your first shot, you will get a chance to shoot again by correctly solving a math problem. Be quick though, because you only have a few seconds to solve it!


Sudoku is a classic math game that has been around for decades. Sudoku is set up in a 9x9 grid, with 81 total squares. Half of the squares are already filled in with numbers from 1 to 9. Solve Sudoku by filling in the empty spaces with the right number. Each row and column has to have the numbers 1-9; there can't be any repeats! Can you beat Sudoku?

Logic Games

Logic games are mini games that test your intelligence and sense of rationale. These games will improve your deductive reasoning and logical thinking skills, turning you into a real Sherlock Holmes. There are plenty of exciting logic games to choose from on the Logic Games page.


Dark tunnels, ripped-up notes, and hidden rooms. In this thrilling game of mystery and discovery, you are searching for your lost brother in an abandoned temple. You can collect items to help you on your journey by clicking on them to interact with them. You can use the items in your inventory to solve the puzzles of the temple and find your brother.


In this game, click on the circular objects to rotate them and guide your laser beam to the right side of the level. The beam goes in through one opening and needs to come out of the other. As you progress, the puzzles get harder and the number of objects the beam must pass through increases. Use your noggin and strategic thinking skills to help guide the beam to the finish line!

Cannon Basketball 

The goal of this game is to shoot hoops with a cannon! Use your mouse to aim the cannon and click to launch the basketball. The farther away from the cannon you click, the more powerful the cannon will shoot the ball. You want to shoot the ball into the basket, but the levels get more challenging as you progress. You’ll have to maneuver through paths and knock objects out of the way.

Detective GUI 

Each level is a new mystery that Detective GUI has to solve. Use the keyboard letters ‘WASD’ or the arrow keys to move Detective GUI around and make him jump. The goal is for Detective GUI to reach the white flag at every level, but sometimes you must think outside of the box to get there. Do you have what it takes to be a detective and solve the puzzles?

Party Animals 

It’s the weekend and your friends are coming over to hang out! But your friends keep inviting friends, and it’s starting to get crowded. Use the keyboard letters ‘WASD’ or the arrow keys to move your character (a polar bear) around to round up all your animal buddies and put them where they belong.

Our Favorite Math Games

You’ll get so sucked into these games that you might even forget you’re playing learning games. These games are certified fresh, fun, and guaranteed to get you hooked (trust me, I played them all).

This goes to show that video games can be both educational and entertaining. To improve your math skills while having fun at the same time, head on over to our favorite math games page to test your knowledge and train your brain.