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Geometry Tower: A Guide to the Fun Block Stacking Game

Griffin Bateson / April 25, 2022
 Geometry Tower: A Guide to the Fun Block Stacking Game

Geometry Tower has been one of the fastest-growing games here at Coolmath Games lately. It’s unsurprising considering that this block stacking game has easy-to-learn controls, despite having some extremely difficult levels when you get deeper into the game.

In Geometry Tower, players are attempting to stack blocks on top of one another until they get to the top. If a block falls off of the platform, it is game over and players must restart the level. Along with this, players can try and collect stars along the way by lining them up with the tower. While the concept is simple, players must have a lot of creativity and planning if they hope to make it to the top. Even level 1 can be a bit of a struggle for new players, you can’t simply place blocks randomly and hope to get to the top.

Geometry Tower Strategy

While Geometry Tower is a difficult game, the strategy is straightforward - keep the platform as flat as you can. The wider and flatter you get the platform to be, the more room you’ll have to work with.

Along with this, we also recommend that you not only pay attention to what block you’re placing now, but the block that you will place after that, which you can find in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This information will let you know how much room you need to leave for the next block. It is especially important for you to keep this in mind if the next piece is an awkward one that you’ll need to make room for, such as the yellow triangle that takes up almost half of the platform usually. 

What are some games like Geometry Tower?

Geometry Tower is just among one of the many fun games in our Stacking Games Playlist. There are a few games that you might enjoy once you beat Geometry Tower and start looking for another game to challenge your mind.

What’s the only thing better than block stacking games? A block stacking game with cute animals involved! In the game Mooving In, players must build a shelter for animals by stacking objects around them. It gets surprisingly difficult to build around giant animals like cows and alpacas that require quite a bit of space. 

Want some more variety in the block stacking games genre? You might like the game Truck Loader 5, the newest and one of our favorite games in the Truck Loader series. In Truck Loader 5, players must use a magnetic tractor to grab boxes and move them to the loading truck. It involves a high amount of precision and know-how in order to succeed. While the gameplay isn’t that similar to Geometry Tower, the general skills required to win are the same.

Is it hard to beat Geometry Tower?

Geometry Tower is considered a fairly difficult block stacking game. Players will need to be able to plan ahead, as well as get lucky on some occasions. Geometry Tower starts out difficult right off the bat, and continues to rise in difficulty as the game progresses. The stars start getting more spread out so it becomes more challenging to get 3 stars on each level. Along with this, newer and more jagged shapes start coming, making it harder to get a flat surface to stack your other blocks on top of. 

When was Geometry Tower released?

Geometry Tower was originally released in 2018. However, it took until 2022 for it to come to Coolmath Games. Now that it has though, Geometry Tower has quickly become popular amongst users. With a little more time, we hope that it becomes one of the staples of Coolmath Games.

So stop reading and start playing this thrilling and challenging block stacking game! Afterward, go and check out some of our other stacking games on the playlist, or maybe just try a game from our Logic Games Playlist