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How to Play Memoflip: Train Your Brain to the Beat

Maddy Marcus / March 26, 2021
How to Play Memoflip: Train Your Brain to the Beat

Get ready to feel the beat and workout that brain! Memoflip, a game developed by Havana24, combines the fun of a rhythm game with the challenge of a memory tester. In order to be successful, you’ll need a quick reaction time and some pretty good ears. 

Read on to learn how to play Memoflip and get some tips on developing the perfect strategy. 

Getting Started

Memoflip requires immense concentration and focus. You’ll need to divide your attention between watching which tiles are flipped over and listening to the sounds they make. The sounds line up perfectly with the beat in the background and if your timing is right, you’ll be rewarded extra points. 

how to play memoflip

The first few levels will give you some time after the pattern is shown. Later on, you’ll have to immediately follow the initial pattern. Speed is important when learning how to play Memoflip. If you’re trying to keep things in time, then be ready to act fast! 

There will be more and more tiles placed on the board as you progress. More tiles will get flipped over too. Be prepared to tighten your focus in the later levels when four or five tiles are in rotation. Even if you’re not trying to keep up with the beat, you’ll have to match the pattern quickly before time runs out. 

Once you master the regular gameplay, move on to HARD mode for even more intense mental workout. There are more tiles on the board and the beat moves quicker. Make sure to practice a lot before moving on -- these levels can be tricky!

Helpful Strategies

You can’t just rely on your memory alone, especially if you’re trying to improve it. You can get better at memory games by using strategy, so we’re going to tell you all the best practices when learning how to play Memoflip. 

Use a Touch Screen

Memoflip can be played for free on both desktop computers and mobile devices. On a computer, you use your mouse to click the tiles and match the pattern. However, it may be easier for you to play Memoflip on a touch device. 

Tapping the tiles directly on the screen makes for more fluid and speedy movements. If you’re trying to go for a perfect score, you may want to switch to your smartphone or tablet. 

memoflip mobile

Follow Along

Try using your eyes and your hands (or mouse!) together when memorizing the patterns. As each tile is revealed, point at them. This will help reinforce your comprehension of the pattern. Your brain will be able to visualize and see the pattern and your hand will know where to move after it disappears. 

The game may have a rhythm element to it, but you can’t just rely on your ears to match the pattern. You’ll have to physically see exactly which tiles are flipped over. This brings us to our next strategy.

Don't Blink!

You’ll have to be laser-focused in order to be successful in this game. If you move your eyes away from the screen for just a second, you may miss an important part of the pattern. Keeping your focus consistent and unbroken will help your brain glean the information needed to win, thus improving your memory. 

Become A Memory Master

You know how to play Memoflip, and you’ve got some tips under your belt, so now it’s time to play! Head on over to the game page or download the Coolmath Games mobile app on your smart device to play.

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