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Draw the Hill – A Beginner’s Guide to The Fun Sketching Game

Griffin Bateson / August 29, 2022
Draw the Hill – A Beginner’s Guide to The Fun Sketching Game

Sometimes, it can be hard to really get creative in a video game. This is especially true with the more popular game genres, such as platformers and classic games. However, in our new game Draw the Hill, players are able to use their creative and artistic skills to get their car through obstacles and set new records.

How to play Draw the Hill

While Draw the Hill may look a little bit complicated, it really couldn’t be simpler to learn. In our sketching game, players are trying to draw a path for the red car that is continuously moving along the map. Players must draw a road that allows the car to continue to drive. Just make sure to avoid the big green pipes that will up-end the car and prevent players from making any progress on the road.

You may see some coins on the map when playing Draw the Hill. Pick up these big shiny coins and earn points for your hard work. These points can be redeemed for some fun and flashy cars that you can show off to your friends.

Draw the Hill Strategies

Learning how to play Draw the Hill is pretty easy. However, mastering our sketching game is no walk in the park. If you follow our tips & tricks though, you should get along just fine.

Increase and Decrease Gradually

It is extremely important that you draw hills that aren’t too steep, whether that is uphill or downhill. If you draw a hill that is far too tall, you will be unable to drive all the way up and end up losing all of your momentum. Once your momentum is lost, you will get stuck and be unable to continue.

On the other hand, a hill that goes down far too steep is difficult to control. While having some speed is good in Draw the Hill, there is a certain point where it becomes too much. Players won't have time to draw a path that is accurate and useful when they are going at breakneck speeds. 

Stay Calm

While it may seem like a silly tip, players must make sure to keep their cool when playing Draw the Hill. When you get overwhelmed, you get shaky hands and won’t be able to draw a road that is accurate and stable. This is an extremely big disadvantage in our sketching game. So before you begin, take a deep breath, and remember that it's only a game, there's no reason to get nervous.

Draw the line just above the pipe

Sketching Game Draw the Hill Gameplay

The hardest part of the game is making sure to get between the pipes that are in your way. A great way to get through is to draw your line right at the bottom of the pipe. This ensures that you won’t go too high up and end up hitting the top part of the pipe. Visualizing this can be kind of hard, so just check out the gif above to see what we are talking about.

Just keep going

Sometimes, players will just give up because they get knocked over and don’t think that they will be able to get upright again. Always make sure to stay focused and continue to play until the game ends. Sometimes your car will be able to do some crazy flips and end up getting free. You just never know in this sketching game.

Collect coins

It’s important to look your best in order to play your best. That is why players should try and collect the gold coins that are scattered throughout the map. Collect enough of these coins and you can redeem a different colored car that fits your personality more.

Sketching Games Like Draw the Hill

There are a surprising amount of sketching games here at Coolmath Games. In fact, we have an entire playlist dedicated to drawing games. With that being said, let’s review a few of our favorite sketching games that remind us of Draw the Hill.


Sketching Game Bloo

Guide the blue ball to the green flag by drawing paths and various shapes. It’s not as easy as it sounds though, Bloo takes real finesse and skill in order to win. You will need to access the most creative parts of your brain in order to beat every level and come out victorious.

Slam Dunk Brush

Sketching Game Slam Dunk Brush

In Slam Dunk Brush, players must guide the basketball from the air to the hoop by drawing paths. Players are able to draw 3 lines in total. You must be quick though, if even one basketball hits the ground, the game completely resets back to level 1. It starts off easy, but as more basketballs start flying through the air, it gets pretty hectic!

So what are you waiting for?! Put your sketching skills to use in Draw the Hill! After you finish playing it, make sure to check out a few of the other games on our Drawing Games playlist.