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How to Play Eggy Car

Griffin Bateson / October 18, 2023
How to Play Eggy Car

Racing games are usually all about going as fast as you can at all times, right? Well in Eggy Car, the concept is a bit different. This game is mostly about making sure that the egg in your car doesn’t break. Maneuver through bumps, hills, and dips as you make it as far as you can through the map. Collect coins and power-ups that will help you along the way.

How to Play Eggy Car

The controls to Eggy Car are super simple. Simply use the arrow keys to move the car back and forth along the map. Just make sure to not change directions too quickly, or else the egg will launch off the car and crack once it hits the ground.

Keeping a controlled speed is extremely important when learning how to play Eggy Car. Make sure that you have enough speed to get up the bumps and hills that are scattered throughout the map, without going so fast that the egg goes flying off.

Eggy Car Strategies

Eggy Car has a simple premise and simple controls, but there are some strategies that you will need to learn in order to succeed in this fun driving game. Read on to learn 4 useful Eggy Car strategies that will help you become an egg-cellent driver.

Control your pace

Keeping the correct speed is absolutely crucial if you want to make it far in Eggy Car. The most dangerous part of the game will be when you are trying to go up hills. Oftentimes, it can be easy to use too much speed and end up driving too fast once you get over the hill. Instead, try and use the minimum speed required in order to make it up the hill. This ensures that you will keep the egg safe once you get to the top of it.

Take advantage of the freezes

How to Play Eggy Car Blog Gameplay

There are power-ups scattered around the map that will freeze the egg in your car. This means that it is impossible to pop the egg out of the car. Take advantage of this power-up and go as fast as you want. You can even go upside down and it won’t matter! The egg will stay in place. It wears off after about 4 seconds, so make sure to decelerate back to a safe speed before the freezing ends.

Test out the different cars

As you continue through the game and start to collect coins, you will be able to unlock different kinds of cars. Some of these cars are bulkier and will be able to protect the egg well. Experiment with each car and see which one is your favorite. It may end up being the difference between a good run and a great run.

Learn from your mistakes

One of the convenient aspects of Eggy Car is that the map is the same during each run. This means that it is easy to learn from your mistakes and try out new strategies. If you end up getting stuck on the same part of the track over and over, try to understand why you are failing. Were you going too fast? Would a different car help? Questions like this are important to ask in order to become a better Eggy Car player.

So now that you have learned a few of the main Eggy Car strategies, make sure to go and try them out now! This racing game has been a hit as of late on Coolmath Games due to its quirky and fast-paced gameplay, so come and join the fun!