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How to Play Magic Toenail

Griffin Bateson / May 2, 2023
How to Play Magic Toenail

Oftentimes, it can be hard to find a wizard game that feels unique. They are usually skill-based games that have a pretty basic platformer style to them. However, in Magic Toenail, players will need to use logic and problem-solving skills in order to win this game. You must figure out how to use different spells in the correct order so that you can defeat your enemies. Dodge attacks and upgrade equipment until you are strong enough to take on the evil boss, Olgaresh.

How to Play Magic Toenail

Figuring out how to play Magic Toenail is easy. To start, players must pick the order of spells that they would like to use. The green spells damage the purple enemies, the purple spells damage the blue enemies, and the blue spells damage the green enemies. Just make sure not to hit the enemies with their own color, or else it will heal them!

After you choose your spells and which order you will put them in, move around the map using the WASD keys. Every time you move, you will shoot a spell. For example, if you use the D key to move one square to the right, it will shoot your first square toward your enemy to the right.

After you have used all 3 of your spells, it is the enemies’ turn to attack. You can see the directions of their attacks by looking at the tentacles that stick out of their faces. Make sure to end up at a safe square where you will not take damage.

Magic Toenail Strategies

Once you learn the controls, the fight is far from over. Magic Toenail is a difficult game to complete. The earlier levels are fairly straightforward, but later on, it will get extremely challenging. You will have to have an almost perfect execution in order to beat the entire game. Luckily, this blog not only teaches players how to play Magic Toenail, but it is also full of helpful strategies to complete the game. 

Pay attention to the monster’s faces

It can get annoying having to continue to scroll up and down looking at the game instructions to see which colors work against which monsters. Instead, if you hover over a spell, it will tell you how it affects each monster. If it damages one of your enemies, they will frown on the screen. If they have a blank face, then the spell is neutral against them, and if it heals your enemies then they will smile. This is a very convenient feature of Magic Toenail that really adds to the user experience.

Collect upgrades

As you continue to play Magic Toenail, there will be a lot of choices that you must make. One of these choices is figuring out what equipment to upgrade. There are a few different choices of attire that you can change – eye, robe, and hat. Mull over the differences in upgrades for each of these and think about what will be the most beneficial in the long run.

Remember your spacing

How to Play Magic Toenail Blog Gameplay

Don’t forget that every time you cast a spell you will move over one square (unless the square you are moving to is blocked by an enemy). Take this into account when planning out your route.

Think before you move

Speaking of planning out your route, thinking about what you should do before you move is crucial. Not only do you want to do as much damage as possible, but players should also try to land on a square that is safe from the enemies when they take their turn. Since a time limit is not present in Magic Toenail, you should take advantage of this and plan out the best course of attack.

Take on Olgaresh at the end

Once you have defeated your enemies and gotten the best possible upgrades that you can get, it is time to take on Olgresh the Evil! Just take a deep breath and keep the same focus as you have been approaching every other level with. Take Olgraresh down to officially become the winner of Magic Toenail.

So now that you have learned how to play Magic Toenail, get out there and give it a go! If you like puzzle or magic games, then it is almost a guarantee that you will enjoy this unique and fun-filled game.