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Mini Flips – A Beginner’s Guide to the Fun-Filled Game

Griffin Bateson / January 26, 2023
Mini Flips – A Beginner’s Guide to the Fun-Filled Game

If you are looking for the perfect platformer game that you can speed right through, then look no further! Mini Flips is a game that is all about timing, skill, and strategy.

In Mini Flips, players must try and collect every single coin on the map in order to progress to the next level. While it starts out easy, more and more hazards will quickly begin to appear. Not to worry though, in our blog on how to play Mini Flips, we will not only go over the basics of playing this platformer game, but also a few quick strategies to help you progress.

How to Play Mini Flips

The controls of Mini Flips are quite easy to maneuver. Since the game will automatically move you side-to-side, there is no need to learn any arrow controls. The only things that you have to remember are how to jump and how to flip across platforms.

To jump, all you have to do is either left-click, hit space, or press C. The longer you hold the jump button down, the higher that you will jump. This becomes important as the game progresses and the precision of your jump becomes increasingly important.

Flipping between platforms is also super simple and extremely important to learn. To flip through platforms, either hit the space button or right-click. This will put you directly on the other side of the platform. Just make sure that the area is safe before you flip over to the other side!

Now that you know how to play Mini Flips, let’s check out some strategies to help you make it through all 81 levels and become the Mini Flips master.

Mini Flips Strategies

There are a few different strategies that players can try and utilize when playing Mini Flips. Some of these are actual gameplay strategies, while others focus on the mental aspect of the game. Read on to find out some strategies to help you beat Mini Flips.

Flip through the platforms

One of the attributes that really makes Mini Flips unique is that there are certain areas where players are able to flip across one platform onto the other side. This makes the gravity on the map flip. Basically what was up is now down, and what is down is now up. It takes a little bit to get used to, but eventually flipping across the map will feel like second nature. Just make sure that there are no nearby enemies when you go to flip.

Watch out for the pink blobs and red spikes

How to Play Mini Flips

There are a few enemies in your way that will try and stop you from getting every single coin on the map and progressing through. The first one is pretty obvious – red spikes. Spikes are pretty much always a bad thing in any platformer game and Mini Flips is no exception. If you hit any of the spikes on the map, the level will reset instantly and all of your progress will be lost. Make sure to take in the location of the spikes when you are making your plan.

While the spikes can be a little tricky to avoid, the pink blobs are even harder. These are your main enemies. The pink blobs are constantly moving from side to side. If players touch the pink blobs at any point, the level resets. Make sure to time your jumps well in order to avoid the pink blobs and collect all of the coins.

Have a plan

Before you jump into each level, have a game plan of where you are going. Are there any large gaps that you will have to jump? When will you have to change directions? Where are the red spikes? You should be asking these types of questions in order to give yourself the best chance of victory.

Patience is key

Oftentimes, players want to just speed through the map as fast as possible. On certain levels, though, you will have to go against your instincts and use some patience to avoid obstacles. For example, players will have to time out when to jump down and go past the pink blobs that are trying to destroy them.

Games Similar to Mini Flips

If you finish up Mini Flips and want a similar game, make sure to check out one of our games below. They are both skill games that scratch the same kind of itch.

Mini Dash

Mini Dash How to Play Mini Flips

If you are a fan of Mini Flips, then you are in for a treat. Mini Dash is from the same series and has a very similar animation style. The main difference between Mini Dash and Mini Flips is that instead of flipping across platforms, players can use dashes to swiftly dart across the map.


Run How to Play Mini Dash

If you are interested in a 3D version of Mini Flips, Run is a good alternative. Instead of flipping through platforms in order to collect all of the coins, players are running up the sides of the walls to change their gravity and perspective. Jump over all of the platforms without falling off in order to make it to the next level.

So, now that you know how to play Mini Flips and have learned a few tips and tricks, make sure to go check it out. Be careful though, you might not be able to stop playing.