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Maximize Your Typing Potential with These Typing Tips

Griffin Bateson / February 3, 2023
Maximize Your Typing Potential with These Typing Tips

As computers have become an integral part of our society, being able to type quickly and accurately has become increasingly important. However, as you are probably aware, typing is not the easiest skill in the world to acquire. Not to worry though, we have some great typing tips if you are looking to become a master typist.

Typing Tips to Improve Skills

It is important to note that becoming an expert typer does not happen overnight. It is all about keeping these practices up consistently. If you keep on using our typing tips repeatedly for months on end, you will end up seeing some real growth in your typing talent. So, let’s hop into 4 of our top typing tips.

Find the correct position for your hands

It is important that you are able to familiarize yourself with the keyboard in order to be as fast and accurate as possible. One of the most common typing strategies is to keep your right and left index fingers on the J and F keys, respectively. These two keys have small bumps on them as a sort of guide to tell you where you are on the keyboard. The rest of your fingers should sit on that same row, ready to go wherever they need to. This means that the left hand will be sitting on keys A, S, D, and F, while the right hand will be sitting on the keys J, K, and L.

Avoid looking at your hands

Typing without your hands, also known as touch typing, is the fastest way to type. It saves valuable time when you do not have to look down at the keyboard to type. Instead, you can simply keep your eyes focused on the screen. While it may be slower at first, practicing touch typing will save you tons of time in the long run.

Posture is important

It may come as a surprise to many readers, but posture plays a big role in your typing skills. It is almost impossible to type well when slumped up in a lumpy chair with a hunched back. Instead, having a straight back, relaxed shoulders, and a chair with good support will be the best way for you to type.

Along with this, keeping your wrists relaxed and having your fingers laying flat on the keys will be of key importance. It is easy to get cramps and strains when putting too much pressure on these parts of your body. Stay relaxed and comfortable, and your typing will improve dramatically.

Practice makes perfect

Above all else, practice is what will improve your typing the most. While you can obviously just open up a blank document and write different phrases and words in order to practice, it is much easier to learn when you are having fun. So why not check out the typing games here at Coolmath Games?

There are several different great typing games that you can do to make the learning experience more enjoyable. For example, Tauriel Teaches Typing is an adventure game where players go on different quests and do all sorts of fun things. Along your typing journey, you will solve tests, explore the entire school, and even pet your dog.

Z-Type Typing Tips

If you are looking for a retro game that has a bit more action, then we recommend checking out Z-Type. In this game, players must destroy the incoming projectiles that are coming down. To stop these missiles, you must type in the word that is associated with them. While it starts easy with only a few short words coming towards you, it quickly begins to speed up. This is where touch typing really comes in handy. Players won’t have to waste time trying to look back and forth from their keyboard to the missiles and back to the keyboard. Instead, you can stay fully locked in on what is headed toward you.

Now that you have learned a few typing tips, make sure to test them out here at Coolmath Games. Remember, the only way to truly become a great typer is to practice as much as you can. So, start playing a few of our typing games and see how much of an impact our typing tips make.