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How to Play Papa’s Cupcakeria

Griffin Bateson / January 23, 2023
How to Play Papa’s Cupcakeria

Put on your apron and get ready for the recently updated game from the Papa’s Pizzeria series – Papa’s Cupcakeria. In this game, players must manage a cupcake shop all by themselves. This means having to do an array of different tasks. Players must take orders from the customers, bake the cupcakes, put on the frosting, and sprinkle on the toppings.

In the end, players will be evaluated by the customers and given a tip. If everything is done quickly and accurately, they will be given a nice tip. If the job wasn’t satisfactory, then it will be reflected in the tip.

The more you play, the higher the wages that you are given. Level, up, earn upgrades, and receive higher wages in order to be a great worker at Papa’s Cupcakeria. 

How to Play Papa’s Cupcakeria

Much like most of the Papa's games, Papa’s Cupcakeria is pretty easy to pick up on. You really just have to hop into the game and start playing the tutorial. The basis is that players must go through each stage of the cupcake-making process, trying to be as accurate as possible. This means pouring the proper amount of batter, cooking the cupcake batter the correct amount of time, and decorating the cupcakes evenly and with the correct toppings.

While this may sound like a lot, the game slows down once you gain a good understanding of how to do every task.

Papa’s Cupcakeria Strategies

It can be stressful learning how to play Papa’s Cupcakeria without the proper strategy. The game can get overwhelming quickly. Not to worry though, we have some tips to help you play the game at an elite level. Read on to learn how.

Focus up during the frosting process

Many people find putting the frosting on the cupcake to be the most difficult part of Papa’s Cupcakeria. Due to this, players should put the most effort into this part. Knowing which parts of the game will be the biggest challenges will give you a leg up when trying to succeed.

Check out the minigames

How to play Papa's Cupcakeria Gameplay

There are tons of fun minigames to play in Papa’s Cupcakeria. These games are a great way to give your brain a mental break from the regular work of Papa’s Cupcakeria. It can be stressful running a dessert shop all by yourself, so treat yourself by playing a minigame like Blender Ball or Hallway Hunt.

Not only are these minigames fun, but they can also give you prizes that will help you earn more experience and cash in the game. The games change based on the day of the week, so make sure to check in every day to play the rotating game!

Use the upgrades

Players are able to purchase upgrades with the money that they have earned from running Papa’s Cupcakeria. While this may deplete your funds in the short-run, it will end up making you more money in the long run.

There are 6 different upgrades that players are able to purchase. The first and cheapest upgrade is the doorbell. All this does is let players know when a new customer has arrived by ringing a bell. This is helpful because oftentimes, players will end up getting distracted with their cupcake decorating and totally forget about the new customers.

There are a couple of more expensive upgrades that really make a big difference in the game. The two that specifically come to mind are the double batter upgrade and the frosting copier. While these are the two most expensive upgrades in the game, they are also the biggest timesavers. The double batter upgrade allows players to pour batter into two cupcake molds at the same time. This is a huge time saver and will result in faster service and better tips.

The frosting copier is just as important. Players are able to create a frosting design on one cupcake and copy-paste it right onto another cupcake. Considering that adding frosting is one of the most time-consuming activities in the game, this is definitely a game-changer.

Stay Calm

It can be stressful learning how to play Papa’s Cupcakeria at first. Frosting cupcakes, taking orders, and making sure that customers get their desserts on time. Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in the business and get overwhelmed. In these moments, it’s good to remember that it is just a game. Take a deep breath and just try and work smoothly and accurately. It will end up helping you a lot in the long run.

So now that you have learned how to play Papa’s Cupcakeria and have a few tricks up your sleeve, get out there and apply these strategies now! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll even surpass Papa Louie in your cupcake-making skills.