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How to Play OvO: Run, Jump & Slide to the Flag

Coolmath Games Staff / March 20, 2022
How to Play OvO: Run, Jump & Slide to the Flag

OvO is a platforming game that tests your level of skill and hand-eye coordination. The game may be a bit tricky to master. In this article, we'll offer a brief outline of the game, teach you how to play OvO, and give you some tricks on how to reach your new high score. 

Introduction to OvO

OvO is a fast-paced platformer game. To beat OvO, you must make it through all the levels to complete the game. This minimalistic game features a simple stick figure and lined world. You’ll have to navigate the levels quickly to get to the flag while avoiding the spikes and dangerous obstacles. 

ovo gameplay

While playing, you're expected to parkour and free run across various levels. It's also possible to jump off walls and run right up against them. Run up the walls and leap over ledges to avoid obstacles standing in your way.  

As you progress throughout the game, you'll notice each level has other obstacles. As with any other game, the goal is to avoid these obstacles and complete the level. The game isn't timed, but the faster you beat it, the higher your score.

Scattered throughout the level are coins to collect. If you find all the coins in each level, you'll gain maximum points as your progress. This gives you more skins and achievements to unlock. 

Basic Mechanics on How to Play OvO

To control your player, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you push down on the left arrow key, your stick figure runs left and if you press the right key, they run to the right.

While you're running, press the down arrow key to slide under objects. To jump while playing OvO on your web browser, press the UP arrow key. If you jump while sliding, you'll go farther in your jump.

Press the down key while you're in midair to smash. This move allows the player to pass through transparent objects in the game. If you want to jump higher, press the UP button after you use the smash attack. When learning how to play OvO, it is important to master these mechanics if you want to go far in the game.

ovo jump smash

Get Going!

According to a recent study, playing video games helps increase eye-hand coordination.

This game could be great for helping to improve that skill. The key is repetition and memorization. The more you play a single level, the easier it will be to complete. To learn more about how video games can benefit you, feel free to check out our blog in it here

Now that you know how to play OvO, you can test your skills on, or download the Coolmath Games app to play it there!

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