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Penguin Diner – The Beginner’s Guide

Griffin Bateson / November 7, 2022
Penguin Diner – The Beginner’s Guide

Over the course of Coolmath Games, we have had a bunch of cooking games that have been published on our site. Whether it is a new game like Nom Nom or a classic game like Coffee Shop, fans love cooking games where players must prepare food and sell it to customers quickly and with precision.

Penguin Diner has become an instant fan favorite of the site. Penguin Diner is a diner game where players must take down the orders of the hungry customers around them. It is not only that though, you also must do every other job in the diner as well. This means escorting hungry customers to their tables, picking up their food, delivering it, washing the tables, and collecting the tips.

How to Play Penguin Diner

With all of these different tasks to do, one would assume that this diner game has very complicated game controls. Luckily for you, there really aren’t any difficult controls at all, Penguin Diner is a point-and-click game. Simply click on the area you need to go to, whether that is going to the table that just left a tip or clicking on an awaiting customer and then clicking on the table to which they need to go to. No matter what you do, all you have to do is click on the location.

Penguin Diner Strategies

Sometimes all of the jobs that players have to do in our diner game can get overwhelming. Not to worry though, we have some tips and tricks to help you out when playing Penguin Diner. Read on to learn some of our strategies.

Always be on the move

Penguin Diner Gameplay

There is pretty much always a job for players to do in Penguin Diner. Pick up tips, seat new customers, and take orders. Make sure not to get distracted, you should pretty much always be clicking on something. If you are staying still for more than 5 seconds, odds are that you are doing something wrong.

Keep your eyes on the clock

Every day, your shift will go until 9:00 PM. Once the clock hits 9, there will be no more new customers. Make sure that you hit the number of tips you need before the last customer leaves.

Upgrade whenever possible

Once you have earned tips, you will be able to upgrade your items using the money that you have saved. There are three different upgrades that you can make - improve your skates, get a better TV for the diner, or improve the seat cushions. Each of these upgrades has different abilities that can benefit you.

The first upgrade, getting better skates, is pretty obvious. The better the skates, the faster you will go from table to table. The faster you get to each customer, the more time you can save. This time save can result in overall better service and bigger tips.

Upgrading the diner’s TV benefits you because the customers will become more patient. Customers who wait in line for a long time will get impatient and leave smaller tips, or even end up leaving! The better TV you have, the more successful you will be in our diner game.

The final upgrade is buying better cushions for the chairs. Comfier seats will make customers more inclined to tip well. The more tips, the more upgrades you can make and the more successful your diner will be!

Take things one step at a time

A lot of the time, running the diner can be a little bit overwhelming. If you find yourself just drowning in customers, try and take a deep breath and relax. It’s only a game, so don’t take it too seriously.

Diner Games like Penguin Diner

There are many other games here at Coolmath Games that have similar gameplay to Penguin Diner. These games are all about pleasing customers by creating great products and offering great customer service.

Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria Diner Game

We couldn’t talk about food service games without talking about the all-time favorite amongst fans – Papa’s Pizzeria. Take orders, put on the toppings, cook the pizza, and cut it into slices. You will have to be accurate and fast if you want to please the customers and earn big tips.

Check out our collection of Papa's Games to learn more about this infamous game series. 

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand Diner Game

The game Lemonade Stand deals with more of the business side of cooking games. In Lemonade Stand, players must find the right balance between sugar, lemons, and ice. You will have to take in factors like the weather and what price to set the lemonade at.

So get out there and play Penguin Diner now! You might be surprised by how fun and interactive this diner game can be.