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Bake Up A Storm With These 4 Baking Games

Griffin Bateson / November 4, 2022
Bake Up A Storm With These 4 Baking Games

Sometimes you want to start baking without actually going through the process of baking. The whole routine of getting the ingredients, cleaning up after yourself, it’s just a lot to do. Instead, you can just hop online and start playing a fun and interactive baking game on our site. It's likely that there is more variety than you might think. 

Best Baking Games on Our Site

There are tons of different food games here at Coolmath Games. However, we have some great recommendations if you are really a fan of baking. While you may think that all of these baking games are the same, there is actually a great deal of variety. From cooking games, to puzzle games, to animal games, dessert-based games can come in all different kinds of formats. Read on to learn about 4 of our favorite baking games on the site.

Pieces of Cake

Pieces of Cake Baking Games

For those of you who love Match 3 games and baking games, Pieces of Cake is perfect. In Pieces of Cake, players must construct the perfect cake by matching ingredients together and adding the correct ingredients. You must find a balance between the different ingredients like the amount of crust, the sweetness, and the cocoa. Place two tiles of the same ingredient next to each other in order to combine them. This will be key in order to get the proper amount of ingredients into each cake and create a well-balanced and tasty dessert. 

Nom Nom

Nom Nom Baking Games

In Nom Nom, players must serve the hungry customers that approach them. There are tons of different preferences that you must accommodate in order to get the customers’ orders just right. Whether it is the color of the food, the type of jam they like, or the particular dish they like, you must get everything perfect in order to get a good review from your customers and keep the restaurant in business.

While Nom Nom starts out easy, players will have to work quickly once multiple customers start coming into the store at once. You will have to work both efficiently and accurately in order to keep on getting good reviews and making a profit. 

Papa’s Pizzeria

Baking Games Gameplay

Papa’s Pizzeria is without a doubt the most popular baking game here at Coolmath Games. In Papa’s Pizzeria, it is up to you to take charge of your uncle’s restaurant while he is gone. Take orders, put on the toppings correctly, bake the pizza, cut it, and present it to the paying customers. The faster and more accurately you serve the customers, the larger tips that you will get.

To learn more about Papa’s Pizzeria, as well as a few of the other Papa’s games, check out our Coolmath Games collection of Papa’s Pizzeria games. It will give you some more information about Papa's Pizzeria, as well as show you all the different restaurants in the Papa's Franchise, from a scooperia, to a donuteria, to a freezeria. 

Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner Baking Games

Penguin Diner is the newest of our baking games here at Coolmath Games. In Penguin Diner, players have to multitask between tons of customers at once. There are seemingly endless tasks to do, from seating guests, to taking orders, to bringing them their food, to picking up the tip. We wish that you had more help, but unfortunately, it is just you on your own.

This is a great game for players who like a little bit of time pressure. While at first it starts out as a pretty relaxed game, the pace really begins to pick up as your progress through the game. Make sure to always be on the move in Penguin Diner, there really shouldn't be a time when you are just standing still. There is almost always either an order to take or a tip to pick up. If you stay busy, it is easy to avoid getting overwhelmed by the game.

So get out there and start baking up some new and exciting recipes! You will be glad that you gave these baking games a try. Whether it is baking the perfect cake, running an entire penguin-based restaurant by yourself, or serving up some tasty pies, you can feel confident that all of these baking games will give you a fun and unique challenge.