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Pocket Golf - A Beginner’s Guide to Our Golf Game

Griffin Bateson / August 2, 2022
Pocket Golf - A Beginner’s Guide to Our Golf Game

Looking for a fresh new take on golf games? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our brand new putting game, Pocket Golf! Available on mobile or desktop, this game has a simple goal – get the golf ball in the hole. You have three shots to sink your ball.

As you continue through the game, the levels get progressively harder. By the time you get to level 35, the last level, you’ll be amazed by the level of difficulty. Don’t worry though, in our Coolmath Games blog we will not only teach you how to play Pocket Golf, but a few tips and tricks to help you beat our putting game.

How to Play Pocket Golf

Pocket Golf could not be a simpler ball game to learn. All you have to do is click and drag over the golf ball in order to launch it. The further back that you drag, the more power that you will generate. You have three shots to get it into the cup.

While the controls of Pocket Golf are pretty easy to pick up, actually beating the game is no sure thing. Read on to learn about some Pocket Golf strategies to beat our putting game.

Pocket Golf Strategies

As we mentioned before, it isn’t exactly easy to get through all 35 levels of Pocket Golf. Listen to our advice though and you just might be able to do it!

Avoid the Spikes

This is pretty much a universal rule in games, but it felt necessary to clarify. Avoid the spikes at all costs. If players hit the spikes, they must reset the level, no matter how many shots they have left.

If there are only spikes on one side of the platform, then the other side of it is completely safe to ricochet off of. However, if the platform has spikes on both sides, then the entire thing needs to be completely avoided.

Never use the max power

You will never really need more than about 70% power in our putting game. The max power will bounce off of a ridiculous amount of walls, and there really is no controlling it. Pocket Golf is a game of touch and precision, not power. Remember to dial it back, it’s not like real golf where you want to hit it hard most of the time.

Use the walls to your advantage

Pocket Golf Putting Game Gameplay

On almost every single level, players will need to ricochet the golf ball off of the walls. Use this strategy to get around tricky corners and achieve different angles that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to hit.

Use touch around the pin

Much like golf in real life, players can’t just hit it as hard as they want near the pin and expect it to go in. You have to hit it at a relatively slow speed in order to go in. This means that you will have to predict the distance on your third shot instead of just hitting it hard at a general area.

Games Like Pocket Golf

The great thing about Pocket Golf is that once you finish beating it, there are a few games that have very similar gaming mechanics to them. We have one very similar aiming game that has practically the same objective and physics of it, as well as another fun golf game that focuses more on the chipping part of golf rather than the putting game aspect.

Mini Bowl

Mini Bowl Putting Game

Mini Bowl is pretty much the bowling equivalent of Pocket Golf. Instead of Pocket Golf where players get three shots though, Mini Bowl only gives players one shot to knock down pins that are scattered throughout the map. Players must ricochet across the map and knock down every bowling pin to move on to the next level.

To learn more about Mini Bowl, check out our guide all about how to play Mini Bowl. If you enjoyed Pocket Golf, we can pretty much guarantee that you will like Mini Bowl as well.

Arcade Golf Neon

Arcade Golf Neon Putting Game

In Arcade Golf Neon, players must chip and putt the ball all the way across the map. Jump over giant hills and chasms in order to make it to the hole and complete the level. The fewer shots that you use to hit it in, the better the score.

This isn’t your grandpa’s golf game. Arcade Golf Neon is one of the most fast-paced sports games that we have on our site. If you find some golf games to be a little bit slow, we definitely recommend that you try out Arcade Golf Neon.

Now that you have learned all about Pocket Golf and a few similar games, try Pocket Golf out for yourself! Whether you are on desktop or mobile, we’re sure that it will be a fun experience. Give us a rating to let us know what you thought.