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How To Play Yin and Yang: Your Complete Guide

Jaren Fitzsimmons / February 24, 2021
How To Play Yin and Yang: Your Complete Guide

Yin and Yang is an exciting game that will test your reaction time and problem-solving skills. The object of the Yin and Yang game is to get the black bird to the designated location without falling off the map. Simple enough right?

If only it was that simple.

how to play yin and yang

You will find that your movement is quite limited. Sure, you can use the arrow keys to run and jump, but sometimes you might find yourself trapped in a box or faced with a massive gap. This is where the white bird comes into play. You will notice that this white bird is always moving in the opposite direction as the black bird. If you hit x on your keyboard, the two birds will switch places. This can be handy when you are faced with some pesky obstacles.

Be careful though, if you do not react fast enough the black bird could fall off of the map and make you start over. You are going to have to rely on your reaction time and problem-solving skills if you want to pass all 16 levels.

How To Win

Now that you understand how to play Yin and Yang, let's take some time to go over some tips and tricks that will help you win.

Use the White Bird

When learning how to play Yin and Yang, you'll soon find out that the white bird can be your best friend in this game if it is used wisely. The white bird allows you to skip over difficult obstacles. When you move, pay attention to where the white bird is moving. If you find yourself stuck in an obstacle move around and watch the white bird. Chances are, you will see that the white bird is not stuck. In this case, all you need to do is hit x and the birds will switch places. You’ll then be able to get to the objective and move on to the next level. 

how to play yin and yang

Take your time

Yin and Yang does not have a timer. This means that you will be able to slow down and take your time. Use this to your advantage. Take some time to think your moves through before you move. Watch the white bird and see if you can find any good angles. Remember, the only goal is to get the black bird to where it's supposed to be, not to complete the level as fast as possible. In this case, slow and steady wins the race. 

Don’t Panic

The early levels of Yin and Yang are pretty straightforward, but the difficulty will increase as you progress through the levels. Some levels require you to get really close to falling off the map in order to beat the level. It is important to remember not to panic when you get close to the edge. Remember to keep your composure and think your moves out. If you do this you will avoid any panic errors. 

Play On!

Now that we have gone through the basics on how to play Yin and Yang, and given you some helpful tips, you are ready to play! Head on over to the Yin and Yang game page and start your journey.

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