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Play Idle Startup Tycoon: Our Techiest Idle Game

Griffin Bateson / June 7, 2022
Play Idle Startup Tycoon: Our Techiest Idle Game

Idle Startup Tycoon is one of the newest Idle Games here at Coolmath Games. This new silicon valley game is like most other idle game, players must earn money by spending your resources efficiently. However, instead of breaking bricks or seeing how many cookies you can click, you must run your very own startup company. 

How to Play Idle Startup Tycoon

In Idle Startup Tycoon, you must run three different business components at the same time. The three major components that you must control are as a programmer, engineer, and salesperson. You will have to click on each worker to make them do their task. However, after a while, you will gain enough money from the workers to hire a manager to make them work without your constant supervision.

The game starts off pretty simple to operate, with only three workers. However, as you gain money and open up more floors for your startup business, the game can get pretty hectic. More workers, more managers, different kinds of businesses. It can be a lot! Don’t worry though, we have a few strategies for Idle Startup Tycoon to keep you operating swiftly and efficiently in our new silicon valley game.

Idle Startup Tycoon Strategy

Idle Startup Tycoon can start out pretty slow. However, if you follow our strategies and take our advice into consideration, you’ll be a titan of the tech world in no time!

Reset as often as you can

Once you make enough money, you will get the option to reset your entire game. While this may sound like a bad thing, you will be rewarded with more money to start out with, as well as a multiplier on all of your profits. Resetting is a key part of the game, and progressing will get faster and faster the more times you reset. Just trust us on this one – it is one of the most important Idle Startup Tycoon strategies.

Spend your money constantly

Silicon Valley Game gif

A common mistake that players make when playing idle games is to save up all of their money for a very large upgrade. Rather than doing this, try and spend your money pretty much all of the time. A good rule of thumb is that if an upgrade takes more than a couple of minutes, it's probably not worth your time yet. 

Distribute the wealth evenly

Keep all of your workers on roughly the same level. If you have an engineer that has been upgraded fifty times, and a salesperson who is still on level 1, you probably want to balance that out. All of your workers are important to the success of your startup company, so make sure to give all of them the love and attention that they deserve. 

Hire Managers

Hiring managers is a key part of this silicon valley game, especially once you have to manage four or five different floors at once. Managers automatically make workers get their work done for you, so no more manually clicking to make people do their job. While managers may cost a little bit of money to hire, they are a key part of making your startup run smoothly and efficiently. 

Spend all of your money before you log off

After you leave Idle Startup Tycoon, the game will continue to progress without you running it. This is actually where the bulk of your money will be made. Before you go, it is a good idea to spend as much money as you can on upgrades, that way you will reap the maximum benefits for your time spent away from the game. We recommend hiring managers and upgrading engineers especially, but it varies from case to case. We trust your entrepreneurship skills!

Games like Idle Startup Tycoon

You might be asking yourself – what are some games similar to Idle Startup Tycoon? Not to worry, we have a couple of different idle games that you will absolutely love if you enjoyed our silicon valley game.

Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout Silicon Valley Game

Idle Breakout is a tried and true classic of Coolmath Games. Instead of running a business, you are spending your money to try and break as many blocks as you can. Use your money to purchase different kinds of balls that have varying special abilities. Idle Breakout is the most popular idle game on our site, and for good reason. This game has a weirdly addictive quality to it. If you are just a fan of idle games in general, you have to check this one out. 

Idle Toy Factories

Idle Toy Factories Silicon Valley Game

Tired of the tech world? Idle Toy Factories allows players to become a giant in the toy manufacturing industry. Upgrade toys and hire managers to become the Jeff Bezos of toys. This has been one of the top-rated idle games since its recent release, and you might enjoy it if you like the business aspect of Idle Startup Tycoon.

So get out there and start playing our brand-new silicon valley game, Idle Startup Tycoon, now. Become a mogul of the startup industry!