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Idle Toy Factories: A Complete Guide

Griffin Bateson / May 24, 2022
Idle Toy Factories: A Complete Guide

Idle Games have been one of the trademarks of Coolmath Games for many years now. From The Final Earth to Idle Dice, players have loved taking a break from the action to enjoy a game that is more slow and steady. 

In our new Coolmath Games blog, we will review the new toy game Idle Toy Factories. Not only will we teach you how to play Idle Toy Factories, but we will also briefly go over a few Idle Toy Factories strategies.

How to Play Idle Toy Factories

Idle Toy Factories starts off very simply by manufacturing the humble yellow rubber duck. Players start out the game by manually clicking on a button to create rubber ducks. When the toy is created, players earn money for their products. 

This money can be used in a number of ways. In the beginning, the main choices that you have are to either create a larger batch of rubber ducks, hire a manager to automatically create the ducks for you, or unlock a new toy that will make you even more money once produced.

Idle Toy Factories Strategies

While you really can’t go backward in Idle Toy Factories, there are many ways to speed up the process of making money in our factory toy game. Here are a few strategies we have to help you become the best toy manufacturer that you can be!

Prestige as Quickly as Possible

Using the prestige option is by far the most efficient way to expand your toy factory. When you prestige, it will take away all of your progress and send you back to the start of the toy game. However, there is a giant benefit when you prestige. After you prestige, all of your money gets a multiplier effect applied to it. It starts out with roughly a 6 times multiplier, meaning that for every dollar you make, you get $6 for the same amount of effort. This continues to pile up as you prestige more and more. Eventually, you will be making 50 times as much money for doing the exact same amount of work.

Hire a Manager

Hiring a manager allows players to automatically manufacture toys without having to actually click on the button to tell the game to produce them. Once players start manufacturing multiple toys at once, it will be important to have a manager who can create the toys so you can focus on where your business will be headed next!

Make Upgrades Early and Often

Idle Toy Factories Toy Factory Gameplay

One big mistake players make early on is to hold onto their money for an extremely big upgrade. In general, it is better to make small upgrades that are financially feasible rather than waiting for an hour to get a giant upgrade. A good rule of thumb is that if you have to save for more than five minutes, it probably isn’t worth your time. 

Open Up the Holiday Resort

On the far right of the screen, there is a box that says ‘The Holiday Resort’ on it. You may need to prestige once or twice for this to become a financially realistic option, but you should absolutely open it up if you can. While it may cost $20 million to open, it is by far the most financially efficient option you have in the game.

It may seem odd to open a hotel in a toy game, but it is an extremely important aspect to take advantage of. Make sure to upgrade as much as you can when opening the Holiday Resort, and hire a manager while you are at. The resort may not be cheap to open up, but the rewards are significantly higher than that of any toy. 

What are some similar games to Idle Toy Factories?

There are several titles on Coolmath Games that have very similar gameplay to Idle Toy Factories. While most idle games are somewhat similar to Idle Toy Factories, there are a few that especially mirror Idle Toy Factories.

One of the most similar games to Idle Toy Factories is Idle Breakout. In Idle Breakout, players must break numbered tiles by purchasing balls to destroy the tiles. As you begin to earn money, you can purchase stronger and faster balls that will destroy tiles more effectively. This game has the same kind of management and optimization attributes that Idle Toy Factories has. 

If you want something with a little bit more skill required, Learn to Fly is a great option. In Learn to Fly, players are playing as a penguin who must upgrade various attributes in order to fly all the way to the iceberg that stands in the way. Upgrade ramp height, air resistance, and rocket power in order to fly all the way to the end and destroy the iceberg.

To learn more about some of our favorite idle games, we have an entire blog dedicated to the best idle games at Coolmath Games.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and check out our fun new toy game, Idle Toy Factories, now. Become the titan of the toy industry!

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