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New Coolmath Games Merch is Up!

Griffin Bateson / April 8, 2024
New Coolmath Games Merch is Up!

We are excited to announce that a new merchandise line has dropped here at Coolmath Games. It has all of the old classics that you would expect from a merchandise store, like fun shirts and sweaters. However, some other fun accessories might take you by surprise.

Keep on reading to learn about some specifics from the new Coolmath Games merch store.

New Merch on Coolmath

The reason that we decided to get a new merchandise website is because we have switched distributors. Instead of just having a small section on a third-party website, we have our own page with the Coolmath Games URL.

Of course, we can’t do it all by ourselves. We have partnered up with Spring to try and give you the best quality merch possible. With that being said, let’s hop into the 4 main categories that the merchandising is broken into.


Apparel is the most straightforward merchandising category. It’s got pretty much anything you could want – shirts, sweaters, crew necks, and t-shirts. If you’re looking to rock something a little bit more sporty, there are also jerseys available for purchase. So whether you’ve been running through space in Run 3, or fishing for the next big catch in Tiny Fishing, do it in style with these clothing staples.


If you’re looking to spruce up your place, then the Coolmath Games homeware section is a good place to start. This section comes with some Coolmath Games decorative pillows that come in a few different varieties. There are three different pillows that you can choose from – the regular CMG logo, The Beast from Hangman, and the alternative space-themed CMG logo. All three come in different colors, so you can customize them to fit the aesthetic of your place.

Along with the decorative pillows, there is also a Coolmath Games ornament that you can get. Sure, you could wait for Christmas to come by. However, it never hurts to get prepared a little bit early.


New Coolmath Games Merch Accessories

There are tons of accessories in the new merch store that you’re going to want so you can accentuate your outfit. Bucket hats, tote bags, and notebooks are all available for purchase.

Of course, if you want to spruce up your water bottle or laptop, there are a few different stickers that you can get too. There are retro stickers, classic stickers, and even a Fireboy and Watergirl-themed sticker.


Speaking of water bottles, why not help out the environment a bit and get your own Coolmath Games-themed water bottle? Stay hydrated on the go with the classic CMG logo. It’s made out of stainless steel and holds up to 20 ounces of water, so it’ll last you a while.

If you’re looking for a mug to sip coffee, tea, or hot chocolate out of, we also have a Coolmath Games mug. This microwave and dishwasher-safe container can hold 11 ounces of whatever drink you’ve got.

What is the return policy?

On the off chance that you don’t absolutely love your order, it’s no problem! Simply return it within 30 days of receiving the order and the supplier will contact you to try and find a solution.

Where can I track my order?

Upon purchase, you will receive an order number that you can use to track your order. From the initial purchase to your front door, you can see exactly where your package is located.

So now that you have learned more about the new Coolmath Games merchandise, make sure to check out the store and see if anything catches your eye.