Daily Crossword


Daily Crossword Instructions

Like any daily newspaper crossword puzzle, use the clues to fill in the answers down and across to complete the puzzle.


Use your keyboard to type in the answers to the clues. To scroll through the clues, click the small arrows at the bottom of the clue lists. Click on the clue and it will highlight where in the crossword puzzle the answer needs to go.


You can also click on any square in the crossword to highlight the clue you need to answer. If you want to change the clue direction from across to down, click the square a second time and the new direction will be highlighted along with the new clue.


You can also press ENTER or TAB on your keyboard to move to the next clue. Press SHIFT-ENTER or SHIFT-TAB to move to the previous clue. Use ARROW keys to change the active letter. Press the SPACE BAR to toggle between DOWN and ACROSS clues. Press DELETE or BACKSPACE to delete a letter you have typed.



You can change the difficulty level of the game by selecting the skill level that suits you. Don’t forget you can change the skill setting during the game if you find things too easy or too difficult.


Regular Mode is great for beginners. In this mode any, wrong letters you enter will show up as red. You’ll see straight away where you were going wrong before it’s too late! If you need a little help, press the ‘HINT’ button to give you a letter, reveal a word or give you the answers to the whole puzzle.


If you are looking for a real challenge, try Expert Mode. With this setting, you won’t be able to use the ‘HINT’ button.


See how quickly you can complete the puzzle with the game with the clock function activated. Challenge your friends and family to time their game and see who is the Daily Crossword Master!



As the name Daily Crossword suggests, our crossword puzzles are changed daily so you’ll always have something new to challenge your brain. After completing today’s puzzle, you can click on the calendar to pick a crossword from another day.


When you’ve finished the game, you’ll see how you did and how long it took you to find the solution. You’ll also see your score, the amount of letters solved, and how many hints (if any) you used.


Need a quick break? The game picks up where you left off. It will also show you which crossword puzzles you’ve already completed and which ones you haven’t.


You can even print the crossword at any time by simply clicking on the printer icon at the top. You can choose to print a blank copy, print off the puzzle with your entries so far, or print the completed puzzle.


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