Daily Crossword


Use your keyboard to type in words that complete the puzzle. Click on a hint or word to begin typing. Each letter is a part of two words, one running across and the other running down. If one is too hard to guess, try the other!


There are two puzzle difficulties. In normal mode, all of your incorrect letter guesses will be highlighted, and if you're REALLY stuck, you can reveal a letter or word to help you solve the rest. In expert mode, you're on your own!

Daily Games

Do you have an eagle eye? Look at two photos and see if you can find all 10 differences between them.

Each puzzle has seven word pairs. Work up and down the puzzle to solve each pair and complete the chain!

First unscramble the words, then solve the riddle. How quickly can you do it?

Solve math puzzles to stick each number in the right spot. Test your skills with a new puzzle every day!

Use each letter in the alphabet exactly once to solve this special crossword puzzle. There are no hints so you'll have to really use your vocabulary!

Solve four letter words running across and down. It's like a mini crossword puzzle!

Put down the newspaper and solve a new hand-crafted crossword every day. Find words down and across in this classic word-guessing game.

Sort, stack and play all 52 cards to solve today's FreeCell challenge.