Word Search

Word Search Instructions

In our word search game, hidden words can be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or backward, depending on the difficulty level you've selected. Play today for free!


Click and drag over a word to check it off the list. Set the game difficulty in the options menu to change the directions that the words are in. Want to up the challenge? Try timing your word search or hiding your word list. Looking to make the puzzle even harder? Try Maniac Mode!




Don’t focus on the word list at first - Almost every word search puzzle will contain a handful of obvious words that’ll just pop out at you. There’s no need to even bother looking at your list of words until you’ve circled all the obvious words first and find yourself in need of some help.


Look for multiple words at the same time - Once you’ve found the obvious words, look at the list and try to keep two or three words in your head at all times. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll stumble upon one word when you’re looking for another one.


Leave the hardest words for last - If you’re having a hard time finding a specific word, skip it and look for another one instead. A good strategy is to find as many easy words quickly, and then use the rest of your time looking for the remaining one or two hard ones. Once you identify the easy words on the board, the hard words will become easier to spot.


Look for the last letters - A lot of people have an easier time looking for letter clusters than looking for the letters in the order they’re written. If you decide to look for letter clusters while doing your word search puzzle, look for the last three or four letters of the word instead of the first couple. You’re less likely to waste your time chasing false leads that way.


Say the word out loud - People find that saying the word they’re looking for out loud helps stimulate the part of their brain that’s thinking about the puzzle and looking for words.


Look for the easiest letters - The easiest letters to find in a word search are Q, J, X, and Z. If you’re looking at your list, try to find any words that contain one or more of these letters in it. Look at the big picture - Every once in a while, you need to take a step back and look at your word search puzzle as a whole. Is there a large area that has nothing marked in it? Chances are good that there’s a hidden word in there somewhere.




Word searches are good for a lot of things. They teach you how to use context clues, how to develop pattern recognition, and they help improve spelling. Word searches can also introduce you to new vocabulary.


Besides that, word searches are just fun. Enjoy!

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