Play Four



Play Four is a bit like a crossword puzzle, except each puzzle is made of 4 words that run across and 4 words that run down.


Each Play Four puzzle has 4 words that run across and four that run down. There are 8 clues to the left of the screen: 4 for the horizontal answers and 4 for the vertical answers.


Click on the clue that you want to answer. The boxes will be highlighted in a different color. Use the keyboard to type in your answer. Any letters that are wrong will show up as red to let you know. Try answering another clue next and see what happens.


Remember that the answers to the horizontal clues need to work with the answers to the vertical clues as well. If you enter the wrong letter, then you won’t get the answer for either clue.


You can customize the Play Four by choosing the skill level. In Regular Mode, incorrect letters are shown in red. If you get stuck, you can choose to use the 'HINT' options button to reveal a letter, a word or the whole puzzle. In Expert Mode all hints are turned off, so finding the answers is completely down to you. To make the Play Four even more challenging, choose to play with the clock running. 



Think synonymous. The words in the puzzle will sometimes be straight synonyms of the clues. If you know another word that means the same thing as one of the clues, try it out on the board.


One at a time. Since there are only four words in each direction, solving just one may give you exactly what you need to start figuring out the others. Put your focus on one word at a time instead of jumping all over the board. 



If you want to try a different Play Four game just click on the calendar to pick another day’s challenge. You can also click on the printer icon to print the puzzle and complete it on paper. 


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