Unolingo Instructions

Unolingo is a bit like a crossword, only there are no clues to help you out. Your goal is to fill in the empty tiles provided using each letter (A-Z) only once.


Click and drag a letter from the alphabetical keys at the bottom of the screen and place them in the puzzle. Alternatively, click on a puzzle tile and then click on (or type) the letter that you want to place there.


Try to solve the puzzle as quickly as you can. If you’re REALLY stuck, click on the ‘Hint’ button. This will show you the letter answer to that tile, but it will add 30 seconds to your time. You can use the hint button as many times as you like. If you feel that you want to check your Unolingo answers and see if you have made any mistakes, you can use the ‘Audit’ button, but this will add 60 seconds to the clock.


If you placed a letter incorrectly at first, you may need to move your letters around when words start filling out. You can do this quickly and easily by simply clicking on the letter in the wrong place and dragging it to its new tile.


The puzzles have different difficulty ratings – from 1 star, the easiest, to 4 stars, the hardest. The easier puzzles have easier words and more letter clues. Build up your skill levels through the week. 1-star puzzles feature on Mondays and Tuesdays. 2-star puzzles feature on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 3-star puzzles feature on Fridays and Saturdays. 4-star puzzles are reserved for Sundays.


Good luck!



Spell it out. Look at the letters that are already in place. Do any of them seem to make a word? Try and place a letter in a tile and use your spelling powers to see if it makes sense. Remember: the vertical or horizontal words connected have to make sense as well!


Hard letters first. You could try placing some of the alphabet’s least used letters Q, X, Z and J, since there will be fewer places that they can go. If you see a word looking for its first letter, and the second letter is U, try putting in a Q.


Prefixes & suffixes. In Unolingo, it can pay off to look for sets of letters that are often found at the beginning of words, like ‘pre’, ‘pro or ‘anti’. Also look for common word endings too – sets of letters like ‘ent’, ‘ing’ or ‘tion’. These might give you the clue that you need.


Pace yourself. Unolingo, like Daily Jumble, has a ticking clock to keep track of how long you take to complete the game. Be careful of filling in the tiles too quickly, one letter in the wrong place can throw you off!



Players will need to apply basic spelling and vocabulary in order to make educated guesses and solve the puzzle. Playing Unolingo can help strengthen time management skills as well.


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Unolingo Instructions

Use each letter A-Z exactly once to fill in all of the missing letters. Drag a letter from the bottom of the screen to a tile to place it.

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Unolingo Instructions

Use each letter A-Z exactly once to fill in all of the missing letters. Drag a letter from the bottom of the screen to a tile to place it.

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