Up and Down Words



Up and Down Words is a 7-clue game. Every clue has an answer that can be written as two separate words. Each of the words you enter will appear twice: once as the last part of one answer, and then again as the first part of the next answer. 


Here is an example:


BAR         CODE



The first and last words in the puzzle are provided for you. Work out the answers to the rest of the clues and finish the word chain. You're done when you've completed the chain of Up and Down Words.


You can stop and return to finish the game later. Up and Down Words keeps a record of the games you've started, and those you have completed, so you’ll never play the same game twice. To make the game even more challenging,  try playing with the clock running. Play against your friends and family to see who can complete the puzzle in the shortest time! 



From bottom to top. Having trouble? Instead of tackling the clues from the top down, try making connections in the other direction! Just like our word detector game, this is a great linking puzzle where you draw conclusions between different elements to finish the challenge.


Use what you got. Using the words you’ve already unlocked can help you solve the next clue. Sometimes the answers can be phrases or two separate words, so the words have to make sense when paired together! 


Play your way. You can play Up and Down Words at different skill levels. In Regular Mode, all your incorrect letters are shown in red. Use the 'HINT' options button to reveal a letter, a word or the whole puzzle. In Expert Mode, you are on your own! All hints are turned off so finding the answers is completely down to you. If you find things too easy or too difficult while playing, change the skill level!



Similar to our other great word games, Up and Down Words helps players strengthen their spelling and vocabulary skills. Players must also make educated guesses to determine the word pairings for each clue.  


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