Z-Type Instructions

Your goal is to shoot down all the enemy spaceships in each level. Type the word next to each ship or missile to shoot and destroy it. Don't let anything hit your ship!




Practice proper typing: People who type by hunting and pecking are going to struggle with Z-Type. That doesn’t mean you need perfect typing skills, but increasing your typing speed and accuracy will dramatically improve your performance. Learn to type with your fingers on the home row keys and without looking down at your keyboard. Make sure you’re using proper typing posture so your wrists and fingers don’t cramp.


Big space ships are more dangerous: As you start advancing through the levels, you’ll quickly realize that space ships vary in size and word difficulty. Some enemies will even shoot projectiles with words on them. Although you can shoot those projectiles before they hit your ship, it’s best to focus on taking out the big ships first, and only shoot projectiles that are very close to your ship. The sooner you shoot down the big enemy ships, the sooner you can focus on smaller incoming ships instead of defending yourself from projectiles.


Keep Your Combo: As you shoot down enemy ships, you’ll slowly build up a combo multiplier that increases the points you earn for each hit. However, if you misspell a word or accidentally type the wrong letter, you’ll lose your combo and be reset to 1X points. Keeping your combo going will help you earn more points and get a higher score!


Practice, practice, practice: The more time you spend typing, the faster you’ll destroy enemy ships. At some point, typing will become muscle memory. But you’re not going to get that skill without a lot of practice.




Z-Type will help you learn proper typing techniques and increase your typing speed. It will also teach good spelling, and help you minimize typos.

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