Flashlight Games

It may seem niche, but there are a surprising amount of flashlight games here at Coolmath Games. From solving mysteries in Cutoff to running around the map in Shadeshift, there is a lot to get done in this category.

About Flashlight Games

Now, many think that flashlight games are simply about switching on and switching off a flashlight. However, there is more to flashlight games than you might think. Flashlights can do a number of things, such as uncovering hidden areas and following trails.

What are flashlight games?

Flashlight games are any games where players are using a flashlight as a tool. Oftentimes, flashlight games will require players to search around for clues and important items. This means that in order to succeed in these games, players will need sharp attention to detail and solid problem-solving skills. If you have any interest in snooping around some maps, then we definitely recommend you test out a few of these games.

What are the different types of flashlight games?

One of the most popular flashlight games is Shadeshift, a hectic platformer game where players must collect all of the stars in order to make it to the next level. To pick up a star, players must shine their flashlight on it. There are other abilities that the flashlight can do, which you will learn about as levels get progressively harder. 

If you are looking for more of a puzzle game, then we recommend the title Cutoff. In this game, players must shine their flashlights on every single triangle on the map without lighting up any of the nearby diamonds. While this sounds easy, players have to find a very specific angle in order to isolate every single triangle at once without activating any of the diamonds.

From heist games, to platformer games, to puzzle games, there is a lot of variety in this seemingly small genre.

So now that you know about flashlight games and all of the fun that they have to offer, make sure to try a few out now. They might just shine some light on a completely new and awesome genre.