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Nonogram Instructions

The key to solving a nonogram puzzle is logical thinking. Your goal is to create a picture using the hints provided along the border of the grid. These hints tell you where the colors should be placed along each row or column. Each number represents how many squares get filled in of that particular color, usually with a space between each new color. Use basic logic and reasoning in order to figure out which boxes get filled in and which ones stay blank. You can mark blank squares (also called spaces) with the “X” option to separate them from the colors. 


Tips For Solving Nonograms

Start with one color. In this version, there are three colors you can use. Pick the color you see the most on the board and start filling in the rows with that color. Let’s say you start out with red. First, see if any rows exclude red. Mark those spots with an X, then start filling in the spaces around that. Next, if any rows are solely red, fill those in, then move on to the next color. 


Big numbers first. When starting a game, pick out the rows with the largest numbers. The grid used has 20 squares vertically and 17 squares horizontally. For example, if a horizontal row shows a hint that reads 17-red, then that means the entire row will be filled with red. Start with the higher numbers and work your way down. That should fill up a good amount of the board quickly. 


Left, Right, Top, Bottom. That’s how you should read the hints on a nonogram. When working horizontally, read the numbers left to right and start placing colors accordingly. For the vertical columns, it’s best to go top to bottom.

No guessing! As we said before, nonograms are all about using logic and thinking to solve the puzzle. Guessing is not going to get you far and may hinder your progress, so think wisely about where you’re placing your colors!

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