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Brain Training Games

Put your thinking skills to the test in this playlist full of mental exercises. Strategically build the largest city you can in City Blocks, get through 200 mazes in the game Maze, or corral all of the sheep to safety in Sheepdom. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Games

Get ready for some seriously fun, seriously helpful brain games in our Brain Training Playlist! In this playlist, we have all kinds of different games, from puzzles to board games to mazes.

What exactly is a brain game?

Great question! A brain game is any game that is meant to challenge you mentally. While we try and make all of our games at Coolmath educational to some degree, brain games are more focused on challenging you with games that make you use your mind specifically. Your reactions and timing won’t matter so much in these, it is more about your strategy and critical thinking skills. A lot of the games on the Brain Training Playlist will be puzzle-based, such as Sudoku, Daily Crossword, and Unolingo. 

This is not to say that all of these games are traditional brain games. For example, Parking Panic is a pretty chaotic game where you will have to escape the parking lot by moving other cars. While it is still focused on critical thinking skills and memory, there is no shortage of thrills when it comes to playing this.

What are some of the most popular brain games?

Some of the most popular games on our Brain Training Playlist are 2048, Sudoku, and Chess. We have written blogs about all 3 of them, and you should go and check them out to learn more about the rules and strategies for these games on our Coolmath Games blog. We especially recommend reading our Chess blog due to chess being pretty complicated to learn and understand. 

Will these games actually help train my brain?

Video games have been proven to have benefits when played in moderation, especially those that involve using your creative and critical thinking skills. According to Dr. Peter Gray, video games can produce positive cognitive, motivational, and emotional benefits. To read more about the science behind video games, we have a blog written about it here

So go and get your brain churning with our Brain Training Playlist! Explore around, your brain will thank you for it.