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Quick Reaction

Breathe fire and smash towers!
Become the dragon! Grow long and strong so you can knock down towers. Activate fireball mode for extra destruction!
Time your bounces to get through the obstacles!
Wait...Not yet...Go! Bounce the candy at the perfect time to get through the moving obstacles.
Up, up, up! This tower is full of treasures and danger!
Is there treasure in your destiny? Only if you can dodge spinning blades, jump over lava and avoid dangerous monsters!
Slice the sushi.
Are you a master sushi chef? Slice the flying sushi in half, but stay away from the bombs! How long can you last?
Round and round, don't stop running!
There's no way to stop this thing! The ground keeps turning and you have to keep jumping. How long can you stay up?
Hurdle your way to the finish line!
Don't crash! Leap over the hurdles and across the platforms to reach the finish line. It's hard to be an Olympian. Can you beat the first level?
Figure out how to get through the obstacles.
You'll need good reactions and quick thinking in order to get through this obstacle course. In this one-button game, space is definitely key!
Really simple: Press space to jump.
Welcome back to Space Is Key! This game is really simple: just press space to jump. You just need to figure out the perfect timing.
The ultimate test!
Take a deep breath and get your finger ready! Can you pass the ultimate one-button challenge?
Run like mad to escape the dangerous shadows!
There's no turning back, because you can only move forward. Can you escape the dangerous shadows?
You can do one thing: click to make Beavus jump.
This game will mess with your head a bit! You can do one thing with Beavus and that's click to make him jump. Once you start playing, it's hard to stop!
Zip through blockers and grab stars on the way.
Shift into warp speed! Fly through the space tunnel and steer clear of the incoming barriers. Watch out! The game speeds up the futher you get.
There's only one direction to go... up!
There's only one direction to go... up! Jump your way past all the obstacles to reach the top.
Keep running to reach the shelter.
Don't look back! Keep running and jumping through this mysterious landscape.
Spot the gentleman that's not like the others.
See how fast you can spot the gentleman that looks or behaves differently. Can you beat round 5?
Enter the cave and leave with the gold!
No guts, no glory! Time your moves perfectly to grab the gold and open the hidden treasure chest. Just don't step on any spikes!
Smash the gold blocks and dodge the bad guys!
Round and round you go! Race around the track and jump to avoid the bad guys. Smash all the gold blocks before time runs out.
Run as far as your alien space suit will take you!
Leap for the stars! But don't forget to avoid the lasers and spikes along the way. How far can you get?
Grab your shades and collect the bananas!
Help this cool jumpy monkey collect his bananas! You can't make him stop jumping, so you'll have to jump your way to the exit.
Clear a path for your jelly blob.
Help this lost jelly cube escape the Arrow Station. Turn arrows, jump over gaps, break blocks, and disable laser beams quickly to clear his path.
Train your brain with these fun minigames!
Need a mini mental workout? Get started with these practice games, and see your scores improve as you play!
Can you speed read? Move fast and beat the clock.
Follow the instructions and grab the right shapes, colors, letters and numbers. It might sound simple, but it doesn't stay that way!
Zoom from line to line and grab the coins!
Find the perfect moment to jump from line to line! Grab all the coins before you run out of lives.
Bounce along the twisty tower.
Bounce along the twisty tower. Dodge the ledges that are blocking your path for as long as you can!
Don't believe us? Just try it.
Don't believe us? Just try it. It takes some seriously smooth moves to get through all ten levels.
Put your memory skills to the test!
Put your memory skills to the test! Level up your stats between rounds to set a new high score.
Spot the d1fference!
Quick! Can you spot the single d1fference? Click on the element that's out of place before time runs out!
Bounce off the walls!
You can jump, but you can't stop rolling! Time your bounces to get between walls and into the portal.
Serve up the right sushi!
Don't leave your customers waiting! Serve up the right sushi and keep your restaurant in business.
Hit the slopes and watch out for trees!
Grab your skis and hit the slopes! Swing past the trees without crashing and set a new high score.
Match the shape before time runs out!
All you have to do is match the shape. The hard part is doing it before you run out of time!
Flip tiles to the beat!
It takes memory and rhythm to crack this code. Feel the beat and flip the tiles before time runs out!
Work. Coffee. Bathroom. Repeat!
Keep your business running and the electricity flowing. Manage your workers' essential needs to ensure they keep earning big bucks!
Type words to reel in the fish!
The fish are really biting today! Type words to reel them in before they reach your boat and bare their teeth.