Crazy Hard Games

We hope you're up for a challenge, because you're looking at our list of tough-as-nails games. If you can make it through these games without breaking your keyboard and mouse, you're doing better than us!

More about our Crazy Hard Games Playlist

Sometimes you’re just looking for a real challenge. You can’t be bothered with the games that you can just play and win with a little bit of time and effort. If you’re on this playlist, you probably understand the satisfaction that comes with beating some of the hardest games online. There’s just something different about beating a game that most probably couldn’t beat.

Whether it’s sports games, adventure games, or ball games, there is a ton of crossover in the Crazy Hard Games Playlist. The only thing that matters here is that these are some of the hardest games on our site, and they should provide a great challenge for you. To beat these games, you will probably need immaculate timing, as well as a great amount of patience. A lot of these games will take many retries, so patience is very important here.

Why would anyone want to play the hardest games on the site? How is that fun?

Great question! The hardest games on our site will force you to adapt to the situations that are thrown at you and learn from them. This is a challenge that you just don’t get from the easier games. Take World’s Hardest Game for example. It’s one of the most popular games at Coolmath Games, and for good reason. Right out of the gate, there is no warmup level and no instructions. You are thrown into the thick of it, and it is up to you and your gaming skills to figure it out. Rarely are players lukewarm about the games on this playlist. They either love them or hate them. 

If our hardest games on this playlist just aren’t your kind of thing, that’s okay. We have plenty of other really fun games that are more friendly to players. Check out our strategy games or skill games playlist for a fun challenge, or even go head-to-head against others in our multiplayer games playlist.