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Efi – A Beginner’s Strategy Guide to Our Bird Game

Griffin Bateson / June 27, 2022
Efi – A Beginner’s Strategy Guide to Our Bird Game

Efi is one of our newest and most popular games here at Coolmath Games. In Efi, players are controlling a mama bird trying to get her chicks back. The goal of this bird game is to glide across the map, retrieve the younglings, and get out of there!

This is not as easy as it sounds though. Players must use precision and path planning in order to get through the mazes. Don’t worry though, in this blog we will teach you how to play, along with some strategies to retrieve all 20 baby birds.

How to Play Efi

The controls in Efi could not be more simple. The only buttons that users need to use are ‘A’ and ‘D’. These controls turn the bird left and right, respectively. Don’t worry about having to move forward, the game will do it for you automatically.

There are two important aspects in Efi – Rescue your birds, and don’t crash.

Rescue the Birds

All players have to do to rescue the baby birds is to maneuver through the map and pass over them. They will automatically get scooped up right when you pass over them. You will need to be clever though, the baby birds are often in hard-to-reach spots on the map.

Don’t Crash

Crashing in Efi is just about the worst thing you can do in this bird game. There are two ways to crash – run into one of the walls, or run into yourself. Doing either of these will force you to restart on the level you were on, and if you picked up a baby bird it will not count.

Crashing will probably be common at first, but if you read about our Efi strategies and practice some, you will be flying through the map with ease in no time.

Efi Strategies

Efi can be a really hard game to win. Catching all 20 baby birds is a lot to handle. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a few strategies to get you through our new bird game.

Sweep corners wide

Efi Bird Game Gameplay

One of the most common ways to crash into a wall is to clip yourself in a corner. To avoid this, try sweeping out wide before cutting in to move around a corner. This will give you a much higher chance of success. Be warned though – this takes up quite a bit of room on the map. If you need to go back the same way, this strategy might cause some issues.

Be prepared for boosts

Throughout the game, there will be portions where players will have to go through a patch of yellow and purple boosts. These boosts will make you go much faster than normal. Be ready to turn very quickly, unprepared players often crash into the walls. At first, it is difficult to time, but with practice and preparation, we think that you will do just fine.

Plan out a route

While it can be hard to create a plan on the fly, it is a necessary skill that you must develop if you want to succeed in Efi. Oftentimes players must backtrack after retrieving one of the baby birds, so leaving room for your mama bird to maneuver around is key.

When playing our bird game, make sure to think about how you will get to the baby birds, as well as how to make it to the exit. Both considerations are equally important.

What are some similar games to Efi?

Once you finish saving all 20 of your baby birds, we have tons of similar games right here at Coolmath Games. Whether you want another strategic path planning game, or a cute and cuddly animal game similar to this bird game, we have got you covered with some awesome recommendations.


Handulum Plus Efi Bird Game Blog

Interested in the timing and planning aspects of Efi? We recommend that you check out one of our most dynamic Coolmath Games, Handulum+. In Handulum+, players must slingshot a ball across the map to safety. While it may sound easy, there are tons of moving obstacles trying to stop you from getting to the exit.

Impossible Snake 2

Impossible Snake 2 Efi Bird Game Blog

Want something a little bit cuter? Well, go and check out either Impossible Snake or Impossible Snake 2. Much like Efi, players will have to wiggle back and forth all the way to the exit. First things first though, you will have to munch all of the apples before you can make it to the exit.

Well, what are you waiting for? Those baby birds need saving! Go and play Efi, our bird game now. Make sure to give us a rating afterward, we would love to know what you think.